1. Please be sure to include contact information in your post. Any post without any sort of contact information will be deleted without warning.

2. Do not constantly "bump", or BTT (back to top) your for sale post. Your item for sale is no more important than anyone else's. Members will be allowed to "BTT" or "Bump" their for sale/trade posts ONCE EVERY THREE DAYS ONLY. Any listings that have been bumped early will be deleted. Note: If you bump a post after more than 3 days, your lost days do not get to carry forward to the any bumps in the future. Your "next bump remaining days count" always start from your last post in the thread.

3.If your item has been sold, or a deal is pending, please edit your ad to reflect this. You can now delete your own threads when an item has been sold, this would make the job of board cleanup much easier.

4. PLEASE do not take it upon your self to "Police" the forum and post in other members threads. If there is any problem, PLEASE contact a moderator.

5. If you have a question for the seller, send a PM or an email, and if the seller deems it neccesary, they will edit their original post to reflect commonly asked questions.

6.Any listings/posts that DO NOT meet the above guidelines will be deleted without warning.