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Annoyed with trying to figure out how to post pictures, seems some can see some cannot, gone riding.
Id be interested. I have to see if they will fit my sv650 but I think they do.
Sorry buddy

Someone took the filters just now
Tell me more about your FT500. I’m looking for a small, interesting city bike and don’t mind doing some work to fix it up.
Disregard conversation. I found my FJ 09 for sale ad in the new section and edited it. Thanks.
Thank you for the direction on the needed reference. It is a family matter and I am only involved as a cheerleader. Do you have a favourite beverage?
if you take off is there some way to know which venue you are going to drive to tonight?
I'll be at 2nd cup till about 830 then ride to Kennedy Commons
i have similar disc and have infrared inversion table. Also yoga will work for discs it will recede after time standing desk for work for me now. sitting will aggravate the condition
Returned to riding after a 39 year break. Bought a '14 Suzuki Boulevard M50 in Sept. '18 and have put 1,000 km on it in 2 months, leaving my Lexus ES350 parked :). Other than around Vic Park/Danforth/Beaches area, I'll be riding the roads near our Summer property in Charteris, QC.. Have Veterans plates which, hopefully, will help when La Sûreté du Québec catches me speeding on Hwy 303 Nord :p!
hey relax, have you tried "fast by ferracci" for an ECU flash w/o the kit? just a thought for you and the strada. best luck.

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