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I'm very interested if they're not already gone.
Please let me know.
Thanks, Lloyd
Hi. I’ve still got them. You’re the first to respond, so if you want them, they’re yours!
Sorry, I was out most of the day.
I'm in Oshawa, whereabouts are you at?
Or do you want to swap phone numbers?
Notice you had spare Vstrom parts for sale a while back. I'm looking for a stock right side mirror, do you have one or is the whole bike gone?
I still have my bike and actually a spare DL650 that I gave to my brother.
I might have one right side for you. I’ll check in my storage and see if I can find one and let you know.
I checked and I don’t have any stock mirrors left. I must have sold them. The mirrors made by Kawasaki for the Versys and Ninja’s are much better by the way.
Thanks for letting me know. I since went to partscanada and got a new OEM mirror for $22, never knew they were so cheap. I'll be sure to remember them if I ever need other parts.
Stay away from Duke of Cycles. I went there twice and both time he tried to rip me off. Call Adrian at Ace-motors in Milton. He services my Ducati.
Hey David - I read in a post about TAFB that you ran into Jamie at a gun range. Was it outdoor? I'm looking for a place to sight in some new hardware (target guy, not a hunter). Indoor ranges are way too short - looking for a 100yd++ to go to. Paid club or crown land. Can you share?
Hey, it was at a couple of outdoor range days held by Select Shooting Supplies at the Oxford Fish & Game Club in Woodstock. They have 2 outdoor ranges, one long "rifle" range and one shorter "handgun" range. Not sure if they allow walk-ons for a fee or not as I'm not a member. I am only a member at Shooter's Choice in Waterloo but they are indoor only. Maybe try Silverdale gun club or Galt Sports Club.
Albany County Fasteners
A test! My daughter needs ins. TD, wont renew because another household member has a DUI.

24, G 2016, G2 for '14, G1 '12. Insured '14 occ, '18 as a pri. 0 tickets/accidents/claims. L3P2W2. 2011 Jetta 2.0 Comfort, paid $5500 in 2018, Student (alum UGuelph and UofT), no commute, 8Km/yr.

Was $2200 @ TD, coll & comp ($500 ded), $1m liability.

Ballpark it - if it's good I'll have her call you.


NFP Moto
NFP Moto
though I know the moto side like the back of my hand and can show you a rough idea, autos are way more all over the place especially based on the insured location, meaning the address on her drivers license. There is a rate drop at 25 yrs old on motorcycles and autos so off hand I think that TD rate isnt that bad for age 24 though again it depends where she LIVES.

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