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Snow is Coming!


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Like it or not this is Canada and winter is coming.

Your local shop full?
Too cold or not convenient to ride your bike to local shop?
Charging you too much?
Charging you for pickups and deliveries?
New Kijiji guy that you dont know?
Are they only accepting "cash"?
Are they insured?
Are they licensed and registered?
Is there a tangible contract that protects and covers you and your bike?
Do they ONLY pick up during the day when its not convenient?
Who is actually wrenching on your bike while its in storage?
Charging extra for your cruiser/tourer?

We have been storing more GTA bikes than anyone (by a LONG shot) for many years. Why take a chance?
Picking up full loads daily all over the GTA. Give us a shout for your winter storage needs.

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