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Riding an e-scooter in Toronto?


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It would be a shame if some one who can not physically ride a bicycle without battery power are not allowed to enjoys the many trials with their friends and family
It's a tough call as to where to draw the line on equal opportunities. Should they build a wheelchair ramp to the top of Mount Everest?

Should all car manufacturers be forced to sell mobility equipped vans at the same prices as the standard ones?

Short people are disadvantaged if they want to be in the NBA. I know Mugsy Bowes made it but the point is few of us are capable of achieving everything we might want.

As far as the e-things go, most of the people I see on them could use a bit more caloric expenditure and we are creating a new set of future handicapped people through obesity.

We have to compete financially with third world countries that dump challenged people on the curb as beggars. When do we run out of money?

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