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New , old M

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Greetings I have had my m since 83 . Rode just about everything fast and slow at one time or another.
A long 23 year break with only some tours in Europe every few years. I am not used to riding in the era of the distracted drivers I see on phones. I see this everyday in my car. It freaks me out a lot to honest You don't see this in Europe. I got a new fjr and will look for a seasoned instructor to help with this PHOBIA LOL. Defensive real world hazard awareness stuff.
Paid gig and will make it fun. Let me know .
Also hope to ride to BC and freight my bike GTA to Calgary and back this summer. I have lots of catching up to do. Any proven transport companies referal please.

Scared, overly experienced, old guy with 170 mph sport tour bike and a distracted driver phobic fear.


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Welcome back! You'll love that FJR.
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