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Kawi dipping a toe in EV - Electric Ninja


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Honda, now Kawi looking at existing marques in an EV form.



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Electric ninjas are very reasonably priced too. Might need earplugs, and a long extension cord though. Also luggage room and passenger comforts are non existent.

Who could build the baddest 2 stroke blender was all the rage amongst the mechanics in the AMA MX National Series in the 70s. 80cc MX motors done to the max with wild port jobs, squished heads, big carbs, cone expansion chambers. It was hilarious what the guys were building to one up each other


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The internet says they're going all-electric.
The actual announcement from Kawasaki says that there will be electrified variants of all major model line-ups by 2035. That's not even remotely the same thing.
Not a single post on those links has an actual original quote from Kawasaki.

Brian P

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Reality is sure to depend upon market acceptance, and that depends upon whether they come up with a good product, or a compliance vehicle. Kawasaki hasn't been reluctant to push the envelope in the past.

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