Introducing Powersports TO's Gear Shop & Gryphon Moto Jackets |

Introducing Powersports TO's Gear Shop & Gryphon Moto Jackets


Hey guys! I'm Matt and I'm the new Parts & Accessories Manager at Powersports TO, your downtown(ish) Toronto Triumph/Yamaha/Honda/Suzuki dealer. Some of you may know me better as poster @Matt Rain - if you don't, just know that I've been posting at GTAM since before I started riding in 2013, and several of you have spent quality Internet time with me over the years helping me maintain my trusty ol' 1985 Yamaha FJ600. 🛠️ More recently, it was a thread I started last month that got things in motion and ultimately landed me a job here at Powersports TO. :cool: I'm thrilled to be a full-time part of Toronto's motorcycling community and I thought I would give back to the place that started it all for me by offering GTAM-exclusive discounts on riding gear, which falls under my responsibility.

So! On to business. For the whole month of April, we're offering GTAM members 10% off on all our brand new Gryphon Moto inventory. We've recently become a Gryphon Moto dealer and I've personally unpacked, inspected and hung up our entire inventory during my first week at PTO. We have stock in all sizes - men's and women's - along with some touring pants. Early customer feedback has been excellent and we're thrilled to be supporting an Ontario-based company that offers a truly excellent product. All Gryphon jackets are loaded with CE Level 2 protectors (elbows, shoulders and back! see pic below) and they are priced quite aggressively vs. the bigger name brand jackets that often need to have their protectors upgraded, if they even come with them at all.

Here we have Valentino rocking his signature Winter Test AGV helmet and Gryphon Torque touring jacket with a removable waterproof liner, full CE level 2 protection and F5 mesh at the front and back for warm-weather riding. MSRP is $259.95 - GTAM pricing throughout the month of April is $233.96+HST

Our good pal Wyatt is modeling the Portland brown leather jacket below. As you would expect from a full, unperforated leather jacket, this guy is ideal for cooler spring and fall riding. Also loaded with CE Level 2 protectors. Normally $429.95, but just $386.96+HST for you guys when you mention GTAM at the shop.

Next up, we have brothers Gary, Stuart and Neil in their Cafe Mesh jacket which is available in black, blue and what I have decided to call hi-viz beige (it's a yellowish gold and it looks badass when matched with Scorpion's EXO-HX1 helmet). Regular price is $299.95, GTAM pricing for the month of April is just $269.96+HST



We have several more Gryphon textile jackets as well as a selection of ladies' jackets that will be featured in a future post. Beyond jackets, we've also got loads of Alpinestars and Scorpion short gloves, AGV helmets, Oxford bike covers, Quad Lock phone mounts and cases and we'll be growing our product selection over the coming weeks and months. I'm hoping to start conversations with you guys and figure out what you'd like to see us offer in store and/or online, so please please please feel very free to reach out to me either by email at or by showing up at the shop for a chat.

Our address is 24 Nashville Ave, near Rogers Rd & Weston Rd in the Silverthorn/Keelesdale area. Both the bike showroom and upstairs gear shop are open Tuesday to Friday 9:30am - 6pm and Saturday 9:30am - 5pm.

Looking forward to meeting y'all to talk bikes, gear, riding, hockey, life, the universe and everything.

Also, stay tuned for occasional clearout deals which will be posted in separate threads. Among other things, we'll be offering you guys heavy discounts on overstock Scorpion, Bell & MT helmets along with Scorpion flannel shirts. I'll post the exact sizes we have in stock along with pics of every specific item in those threads so you know exactly what you're getting.

Cheers for now!

-Matt ✌️
@Powersportsto do you show available stock on your website? I'm in the market for some new gear and it's nice to know if my size (XS) is actually in store...good luck in your new position and thanks for the pictures (and bios LOL)
@Powersportsto do you show available stock on your website? I'm in the market for some new gear and it's nice to know if my size (XS) is actually in store...good luck in your new position and thanks for the pictures (and bios LOL)

Thank you very much! No online inventory yet but we're very much working towards that. It is in the works is all I can say for now!

We do have lots of XS helmets in stock including clearout deals on new old stock Scorpion EXO-R410s, EXO-GT920 modulars and a few Bell models. I'll be posting them next week. And we have several ladies' Gryphon jackets in size XS as well. Those will also be posted next week. ✌️
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Hey guys. I dropped in on Matt and the gang at Powersports T.O. recently to check things out.
They are coming along nicely and have a great stock of new and used bikes in the showroom.
Matt is doing his best to stock apparel during a time of widespread shortages. I left a very happy customer with a new pair of A☆ gloves, an awesome blue Yamaha T, and a new bungee net all at 10 percent off.
Matt even took the time to listen to me flap my lips for a while lol.
Great to meet you in person Matt and best of luck with your endeavors there at the store.

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