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Down Under on a KLR 650


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Ah so nice today. Lake Barrine teahouse.
Getting Devonshire cream on my nose from the piled high scones.
Screen Shot 2021-09-16 at Sep, 16    2021    2.55.39 AM.jpg
Bottomless cup of strong black tea with milk and just one bar on the phone to let me check in.
29 and sunny in Cairns but cooler up here sitting next to the lake. Light winds and no traffic on the Gillies.
Figure I'll go back down the Gillies tire tomorrow so scrub off some rubber before retirement.
Heading down to bro -in-laws next week for some fishing so new tire in order. 420 km south. Long day but looking forward to it...start early.
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Nother lovely day - mid 20s puffy clouds and silent running. New tire on the Kuranda Rsnge road and very very quiet inside the helmet.

Once in a while a blind squirrel finds a nut.

I bought an oversize helmet and returned it but just in case I could not I snagged this.
Figured neoprene was comfie and keep my earphones snug.
Well damn it works the charm and quieter than my C3.
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Was a tad tight off the bat on my XL but after 15 minutes did not notice it except for the exceptional quiet.

Shure 215s stayed super snug, helmet on and off with ease. Better than the balaclava and all of $17. Made in the US too.


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Missed a good riding day due to sheer indolence. Low winds and mid-20s tho somewhat overcast.
Had a busy week online.
Did manage to meet up with a new riding buddy down at Etty Bay. He put up a very good dropbear shot on the photo contest on Stromtroopers.


No cassowaries about but had a good chat and I unloaded the wrong size HWK pants I was sent.

Pigged on a marginal chocolate eclair for lunch

and came across a very fresh road kill of a grey kangaroo in its prime :( This was not far from Etty Bay and cassowaries get hit far too often.

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