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401 at Markham Rd RIP

Rest in piece... I was passing the scene at around 8:30 am, all express lanes were closed. There were no other cars around.
I think the CMA should step in - there are portions of the highway in that area that have been removed; there are no warning signs on construction work and changed surface either along the way of removed surface. Someone has to advocate for more safety of motorcyclist on the roads, especially when there is construction going on. I am not implying that I know the cause of the crash but if you look at the picture, you can see the sections of highway in different color meaning the surface is taken off the road and when you ride at dawn or dusk, you can't really see those sections...
I believe this was one of my students from the beginning of the year, my phone was blowing up all evening.

He was a great kid, what a tragedy.

Be at peace Kaleb.

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