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  1. fjbabe

    + Why we crash +

    Sadly yup... Sandals.... I couldn't believe it
  2. fjbabe

    + Why we crash +

    It was actually on 427 just pass airport , more like a straight truck is what he hit. I was there. :(
  3. fjbabe

    Normal to be exhausted next day after long ride?

    I'm always exhausted after a full day of riding from the fresh air and sun shine..... Normal if you ask me lol
  4. fjbabe


    R6 RIDER DOWN... :( ALIVE BUT HAS INJURIES.... Happen today at 520 pm - staye dwith him till ems got there he didn't want me to leave so if anyone knows him please contact me let me know how he is :(
  5. fjbabe

    2003 Front End

    fjbabe submitted a new listing: 2003 Front End - 2003 Front End Learn more about this listing...
  6. fjbabe

    2003 Front End

    Hey Riders I have a complete front end for a 2003 SV650 with only approx 3000k Selling for 400 OBO Can figure how to load pic.If interested text or wmail and will send pic. or 416 220 7927 Cheera
  7. Joe rocket Jacket 1yr old.....

    Joe rocket Jacket 1yr old.....

    **** Like New Joe Rocket Motorcycle Jacket**** Purchased Last March Only Wore 4 x last season....Didn ' like the fit on me Womens Black 4x (But can be worn by a guy) ** Had my male friend try on he's 6ft Slim build fit great on him just a little big in back.. He say's would fit a guy who's a...
  8. fjbabe

    Joe rocket Jacket 1yr old.....

    fjbabe submitted a new listing: Joe rocket Jacket 1yr old..... - Joe rocket Jacket 1yr old..... Learn more about this listing...
  9. fjbabe

    Bike Shop in Milton - "Ace Moto Tech" - Customer Recommendation

    Once Again Adrian ROCKS....... :D Found out when getting oil changed that he also does decals....:D:D Here is what he did for me .. Was so excited ..
  10. fjbabe

    Post A Picture Of Your Latest Purchase

    Finally got them installed :D:D
  11. fjbabe

    Post A Picture Of Your Latest Purchase

    My new to me 2009 SV650 :) Just got her lowered now ready for a great season of riding :)
  12. fjbabe

    How much to have bike lowered?

    Hi All I am considering maybe getting my bike lowered just a little to feel a little more secure. Could you guys or gals recommend a place and roughly cost if you know. Cheers :)
  13. fjbabe

    My New Toy :)

    So can't wait to ride!!!:D
  14. fjbabe

    Anyone looking for New Couch set???

    SOLD!!!!! :eek: Thanks to those that pm and were interested!
  15. fjbabe

    Anyone riding tomorrow daytime?

    Hey all sadly I didn't get to enjoy the nice weather this weekend for riding :( so wondering if anyone is riding tomorrow? :) I'm off work so got the day to enjoy... --- from Btown but will meet.. Cheers Sent from my SGH-I337M using Tapatalk
  16. fjbabe

    M test == passed!!!!! :)

    Hello Everyone, Just wanted to share the great news that I passed my M test today :) Thanks to everyone who gave hints and advise in a previous thread of mine. Cheers and Ride Safe....
  17. fjbabe

    M Test Soon;) Advice?????

    Hello all I will soon be going for my M test :) wondering if anyone knows the route they take you on ? My test will be in brampton. Thanks in advance for the help Cheers
  18. fjbabe

    Rider killed dixie n derry :(

    Not sure what happen But rider was killed. RIP rider prayers going out to all your loved ones.
  19. fjbabe

    Ride to rattle snake point

    Hi all wondering if anyone wants to ride back roads through rattle snake point? prefer people who know the roads lol:lmao:I want to do some riding today and here the roads to there are nice but I'm not to good with routes yet lol so if anyone interested pm me :) cheers
  20. fjbabe

    Insurance Renewal

    Hello all, Well I have got in my renewal and glad to see that it had gone down $1000.00:D But here is a question, So I got my m1 last June took the course n got m2 but on the renewal papers it still has me as m1? :( and under a part that asks if I had driver training it says no So not sure...

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