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  1. Domon

    how to clean one piece leathers

    Hey guys, i stupidly put my leathers in my storage box without air drying them from my last trackday and i open the box and there was mold everyone. I cleaned the mold off with dish soap but. Anyone one of a way 100% to get rid of the smell and not sure how to clean the inside as i can't flip them.
  2. Domon

    track bike brake pads

    Just wanted recommendations on what pads would be good for an 05 06 honda cbr600rr.
  3. Domon

    05 06 cbr600rr parts and misc bike stuff

    Please see my kijiji AD. I have OEM and Chinese fairings for sale in decent shape pics show all. Have a front tire choke for trailer or home use. Rear swing are lift. You can PM me or call me on phone which is on kijiji AD. 05 06 cbr600rr fairing 05 06 cbr600rr fairing | Motorcycle Parts &...
  4. Domon

    Insulation into 2 foot drop ceiling in garage

    Hey guys so this fall I took apart my garage wall and ceiling (have a bedroom above garage. 3 wall of bedroom are exterior and floor is ceiling of garage.) So I got a company in to spray foam the joining wall and ceiling of garage but my garage has a drop ceiling it's about 2 to 3 feet below...
  5. Domon

    Looking For: interlock landscaper

    Looking for a landscaper to do a patio in my backyard. It will be around 600sqf. The slope is about 1foot. Filip kicev PM me for phone number if you want to talk. Sent from my [device_name] using mobile app
  6. Domon

    help with a 2000 sv650s sitting for 6 years

    Hey guys, I friend of mine that moved to Vancouver gave me his old 2000 sv650s that has been sitting for 6 years. I haven't tried to start it and it was working just fine when put away. The bike wasn't treated with any additives for such a long storage period. Any suggestions on what i need to...
  7. Domon

    Trading a nes classic edition for a Snes classic edition

    I got an extra nes classic when they came out. But this time I couldn't find any snes ones so I found some one to trade a nes for snes. Is that a good trade? Sent from my LG-H812 using mobile app
  8. Domon

    Wtb: 05 06 cbr600rr ram air tubes

    Hey guys misplaced my ram air and need some for Sunday trackday. Please msg @ 6474027840 or pm here Sent from my LG-H812 using mobile app
  9. Domon

    $5400 - 2012 Honda Shadow Phantom 15000km

    Posting for a friend. Just say Fil sent you. I get a :D
  10. Domon

    shannonville sept 10th and 11th

    anyone going to these. one is riderschoice and the other is gpbikes.
  11. Domon

    2000 Honda prelude As is $1450

    What's inside: Euro r engine about 80000km to 100000km. I also have the ECU and manifold for it which has the larger opening. Engine burns some oil but not much. New rack and pinion assembly about 18000km on it New magnaflow direct Bolt-on catalytic converter. 5000km on it Extras: not...
  12. Domon

    Keep my 05 CBR 600rr or get a 2008 r6

    Hey guys thinking of getting a newer bike. I have been doing track days along for the last 3 years and wanted to try something different from a Honda. I started on a 1998 CBR f3 then got a 05 cbr600rr. My buddy is selling is 08 r6. Its rated at 135hp for 600 that's pretty good my Honda dyno'd...
  13. Domon

    F/S 2010 Audi A4 $23800 obo

    Hey guys, posting for a friend. phone number is on kijiji ad : My car has full Audi extended warranty(Platinum Plan which cover every thing except brick and wipers) for another 2 years or 120000 KM. It cover both labor and parts...
  14. Domon

    LF: hardwood floor installer

    Hey guys i'm looking for a hardwood floor installer in mississauga. He might also have to fit any major or minor slopes in floor or low spots. Pm me if you can recommend anyone that has a good track record. Thanks Fil
  15. Domon

    Riderschoice Sunday Sept 7th 2014 @ Shannonville Long TRACK

    Anyone going to this track day? wanted to bum a trailer spot for my bike. Next year im getting my own SUV.
  16. Domon

    New music video

    Amazing Video, been watching all day at work. lol except for DRAKE. Hate the punk.
  17. Domon

    wtb: 2007 R1 Front break lever

    Hey guys doing a R1 master cylinder swap on my 05 cbr600rr and the only think im missing is the break lever.
  18. Domon

    BORN RICH Jamie Johnson Johnson& Johnson trump documentary.
  19. Domon

    FS: 8-cell Ballistic Motorcycle battery

    I have a ballistic motorcycle battery for sale. Its a 8 cell model. I bought it for my 2005 cbr600rr but it doesnt fit my battery tray. The battery is to tall. I used it for 4 trackdays and i have to use washers on the seat to give me clearance but i dont like the feel. Want to sell it and buy...
  20. Domon

    Fs: 2006 Harley Sportster 883

    Hey guys, back again selling another friends bike, this time its a 2006 sportster 883 blue. It is a US bike that is plated and insured in Ontario. The bike has 1000km on it. Yes he bought it last year and loves it but he's 5'3 and I bit short for it. So he's going to get something a little lower...

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