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  1. victorbrca

    Honda Fury at King and Portland

    For the guy with a Honda Fury parked in front of "For Your Eyes Only" at King and Portland... Your bike was dropped on its side, you got a ticket, and you are about to get towed. :-/ Seem like an interesting Tuesday night.
  2. victorbrca

    ZX6R Won't Start

    So I picked my bike from the storage yesterday. Installed the battery and could not start it. Got this weird noise that seems to be coming from the fuse box under the seat: I can push start it no problem. Any ideas?
  3. victorbrca

    Race Fairings in Toronto

    Any advises on places to get race fairings in Toronto? So far the cheapest I found for my 250 was on, but I'm shipping and customs costs are going be a killer. Thanks. ========================================================== Some of the replies I got...
  4. victorbrca

    Car Lane Splitting in Brazil

    Car pushes biker and then runs away from other bikers... Hope everyone can see it.
  5. victorbrca

    Wsbk 2015

    I didn't see a thread started for this season... I'm sure a lot of other people in the forum are following it. I've been watching MotoGP for the past 3 years.. and I've decided to follow WSBK this year as well... so far Haslam and Rea have been keeping it interesting.
  6. victorbrca

    Motorcycle stolen minutes after rider is killed in crash

    I don't if it has been posted before... I'm posting from Tapatalk.
  7. victorbrca

    Accident at Brittania and Erin Mills

    I saw a bike get hit from behind on Britannia and Erin Mills around 10:40 this morning. The bike was waiting to make a right turn, the cager wasn't paying attention and hit the bike from behind. It wasn't a hard hit, but it was enough to knock the rider on its side. I was on the other side...
  8. victorbrca

    Places to ride in Niagara

    I'm going camping this weekend and I'm bringing the bike with me. Looking for a good places to go riding around Crystal Beach/Niagara region (sports bike, not dual sport). So far I'm thinking to go check out Lakeshore Rd. from Port Colborne to Rock Point, and/or Lakeshore from Windmill point to...
  9. victorbrca

    PA Wheel Chock

    Anyone knows how good these are? I found a few threads with people saying they had one, but no one actually giving a feedback on quality. Thanks.
  10. victorbrca

    Any good riding roads in Bancroft

    I'm going camping with some friends in Bancroft and I was thinking of bringing the bike with me. Any good riding roads for a sports bike? Thanks, Vic.
  11. victorbrca

    Racer5 July 4-6

    Anyone doing level 1 of Racer5 this weekend? I heard a lot of people signed up.
  12. victorbrca

    Weather - Anyone riding today?

    It looks really nasty out there.
  13. victorbrca

    Icon Stryker Field Armor - Knee Shin Guards

    Lightly used and no scratches. GP has it for $105.95 (plus taxes). I'm asking for $80. Please PM me if interested.
  14. victorbrca

    Teknic Violator Kevlar Jeans

    ** SOLD ** Bought these at GP Bikes. Lightly used. Includes knee padding. Size 34 GP currently has it at $158.95 (plus taxes). Asking for $100.
  15. victorbrca

    Alpinestars T-GP Plus Air Jacket Black/White/Yellow

    SOLD I bought this jacket however I only used it about 3 times. Looks brand new and no wear marks. Size M. GP has it under discount for $233.95 (plus taxes), I'm asking for $200
  16. victorbrca

    Post a Squid

    Exactly what the thread says... see a squid, take a photo and post it here. I'll start with this one... It was 16C yesterday... apparently that's too hot for this guy to wear pants. PS: Before the ATGATT vs squid war starts... you have the right not to wear gear, we have the right to make...
  17. victorbrca

    Loud Pipes = Pulled Over

    Just wondering what setup may have got other members pulled over and/or ticketed? I just installed a M4 slip on to a ZX6 and that thing is stupid loud. I have to shop for a second stage baffle ASAP. Sent from Tapatalk.
  18. victorbrca

    French bikers protest

    We should do something like this here... like having to pay for insurance the whole year... or the 100km/h speed limit on the 400 highways. I'm also impressed on how respectful the bikers were and that it did not become one of those biker rage videos you always see on states. Thousands of...
  19. victorbrca

    Twiss Rd and Cedar Springs

    I went over to Twiss Rd with some friends today and it's pure sand. I would definitely avoid that road for a little while. Also, went over a long, what appeared to be, 2x4 on the middle of north bound Cedar Springs. We were riding at night and I didn't have enough time to avoid it. Sent from...
  20. victorbrca

    Toronto Bike Store Services = crap

    Why is it so hard to get good service for most of the bike stores here in Toronto? It seems most of the people working at these stores are either not trained or don't give a ****. I stopped shopping at Royal two years ago... Not going back to Kahuna after today... Pretty soon gonna run out of...

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