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  1. Evoex

    Rider Down: 404S @ Finch Black EX250

    About 30 mins ago. Rider said his name was Brandon, lost control on road debris. Should be OK, just a lot of rash. GWS man!
  2. Evoex

    Sun Article - Leave the Bike At Home

    BRAUN: Put your motorcycle in the garage & never take it out again
  3. Evoex

    Injustice Ride for Svetlana (Fallen Rider 2017)

    As per; Driver of the vehicle was just found not guilty. There will be an 'Injustice Ride' for Svet on Aug 24th @ 4pm...
  4. Evoex

    Echelon and M&W parting ways

    Heads up, just got the non renewal email.
  5. Evoex

    New Speed Limits? And more!

    Province ponders higher speeds on its highways
  6. Evoex

    Chain Lube - Do We Need It? (Fortnine Video)

    Ryan F9 does it again!
  7. Evoex

    2nd Cup Wednesdays (North York) [Formerly Kawi Wednesdays]

    Location: Leslie & York Mills Shopping Plaza - 2nd Cup Time: 730pm-830pm Occurs: Weekly All are welcome to come catch up with old friends or meet new ones. Typically we meet for a coffee, catch up and then ride out together to one of the larger venues on Wednesdays. Kennedy Commons @...
  8. Evoex

    Samsung Gear S3 Smart Watch

    $200 firm for GTAM peeps.
  9. Evoex

    Volvo XC90 (Current gen)

    Anyone have any insight on this current model? Looking for a potential vehicle change next year and i'm cross shopping this with the X5. On first glance/paper the Volvo looks like the better buy. Likely aim for the T6 AWD R-Design spec X5 i have driven (35i and 35d) and did like it, found the...
  10. Evoex

    NHL 18/19 Season - Leafs Talk

  11. Evoex

    Joe Rocket Textile Pants Alter Ego 10.0

    Size Large Small tear along stitching of inner left knee, should be an easy fix.
  12. Evoex

    Sony MDR-ZX770BN Over Ear Noise Cancelling Headphones

    17hours of battery life, barely used.
  13. Evoex

    MEE M6 Pros - In Ear Noise Isolating Headphones

    Bought in May, warranty until May 2019. Silicone earbuds are toast, only used memory wire.
  14. Evoex

    Insane Street Riding

  15. Evoex

    2.3L of Motul 300V 10w40

    Got about 2.3L of the stuff left in a 4L container for sale. Looking for $40.
  16. Evoex

    Pay As You Go Making a Comeback

    Close* Duplicate thread.
  17. Evoex

    Monday - Dessert Meetups 2018

    Got my hands on the schedule (thanks Neal!) May 14 - Cool N2 (28 South Unionville Ave #1036, Markham) May 21 - La Paloma(Weston Rd & Hwy 7, Woodbridge) May 28 - Sweet Esc (30 Gibson Dr #120, Markham) June 4 - Fireball Confectionery (170 Main St. Unionville, Markham) June 11 - Sweet Olenka's...
  18. Evoex

    First Look@ Yamaha Niken

    Zack Courts in the mix: I really don't know what to make of it. DNA sounds like a good time..
  19. Evoex

    L&L Tonight

    Friend and i will take a jaunt tonight and see what's going on at Lakeshore and Leslie since it's Thursday. In case anyone was looking for as reason to get out and meet people. I expect we'll get there around 830-9
  20. Evoex

    Stuck Oil Filters

    Spent about 3 hours doing an oil change on the FZ, my god what a nightmare. I should preface that i've done oil changes on bikes in the past without any issues. Anyways, no idea what the hell the dealer did to torque this thing on..i guess they did it in spite as i had them roll the 1st...

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