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  1. fjbabe


    R6 RIDER DOWN... :( ALIVE BUT HAS INJURIES.... Happen today at 520 pm - staye dwith him till ems got there he didn't want me to leave so if anyone knows him please contact me let me know how he is :(
  2. fjbabe

    2003 Front End

    fjbabe submitted a new listing: 2003 Front End - 2003 Front End Learn more about this listing...
  3. fjbabe

    Joe rocket Jacket 1yr old.....

    fjbabe submitted a new listing: Joe rocket Jacket 1yr old..... - Joe rocket Jacket 1yr old..... Learn more about this listing...
  4. fjbabe

    How much to have bike lowered?

    Hi All I am considering maybe getting my bike lowered just a little to feel a little more secure. Could you guys or gals recommend a place and roughly cost if you know. Cheers :)
  5. fjbabe

    My New Toy :)

    So can't wait to ride!!!:D
  6. fjbabe

    Anyone looking for New Couch set???

    SOLD!!!!! :eek: Thanks to those that pm and were interested!
  7. fjbabe

    Anyone riding tomorrow daytime?

    Hey all sadly I didn't get to enjoy the nice weather this weekend for riding :( so wondering if anyone is riding tomorrow? :) I'm off work so got the day to enjoy... --- from Btown but will meet.. Cheers Sent from my SGH-I337M using Tapatalk
  8. fjbabe

    M test == passed!!!!! :)

    Hello Everyone, Just wanted to share the great news that I passed my M test today :) Thanks to everyone who gave hints and advise in a previous thread of mine. Cheers and Ride Safe....
  9. fjbabe

    M Test Soon;) Advice?????

    Hello all I will soon be going for my M test :) wondering if anyone knows the route they take you on ? My test will be in brampton. Thanks in advance for the help Cheers
  10. fjbabe

    Rider killed dixie n derry :(

    Not sure what happen But rider was killed. RIP rider prayers going out to all your loved ones.
  11. fjbabe

    Ride to rattle snake point

    Hi all wondering if anyone wants to ride back roads through rattle snake point? prefer people who know the roads lol:lmao:I want to do some riding today and here the roads to there are nice but I'm not to good with routes yet lol so if anyone interested pm me :) cheers
  12. fjbabe

    Insurance Renewal

    Hello all, Well I have got in my renewal and glad to see that it had gone down $1000.00:D But here is a question, So I got my m1 last June took the course n got m2 but on the renewal papers it still has me as m1? :( and under a part that asks if I had driver training it says no So not sure...
  13. fjbabe

    Help again please lol

    Hello again all, well you were all nice enough to help and give me advice on charging my battery and after leaving it on the charger all night I couldnt wait to get home and start her up But she didnt start :( So I then try to boost with my car and although it felt like it was gonna work it...
  14. fjbabe


    Hello All.. well like everyone I am itching to get my bike out but slight problem, and although I have a couple friends to help just cant seem to get it fast enough so would like some advice, My battery is dead n I dont have a charger "YET" in the mean time I was told I could boost my bike with...
  15. fjbabe

    Small help needed ....

    Can someone please tell me is there away to delete all the threads you have looked at? Thanks in advance:)
  16. fjbabe

    Big thanks to lime green!!! :)

    Hello All Well today I got to experience my first ride with lots of twisties and big curves with a great thanks to Lime Green who lead the way and was very patient waiting for me at some point of a stop.. lol:p Its a whole new riding world for me and I cant wait for it again. I thought I was...
  17. fjbabe

    What a rush........ :)

    Hey all, Well today I adventured out for my first long ride alone... lol I went to belle-ville to surprise my bro then to tweed to see my aunt. Had a great visit.. Best part the ride there and home.. Wow didn't know my little 500 could go so fast:lmao: Now I really know what freedom feels...
  18. fjbabe

    Passed My M2 Today..... :)

    So excited as I passed my M2 even in the rain.. was soaked and cold but well worth it :p
  19. fjbabe

    Well that didnt last long :(

    Hello all, well I finally got my bike plated on mon enjoyed a little riding then same for tue and wed on way home from work it all ended when some guy decided to hit me as i started to go on a green light.:( So much for riding this weekend, now have to wait for insurance to decide if they will...
  20. fjbabe

    Yahoo got a bike

    Hello all, well just got my m1 last month and today purchased a 2003 ninja 500 :) yahoo can't wait to start riding. A BIG thanks to my friend for all the help and advice on my first purchase :) xox

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