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  1. Fili-mac

    Set of Dunlop Q3 $180

    Set of Dunlop Q3 front 120/70r17 rear 180/55r17 about 6-7 trackday on them, lots of rubber left great for the street or stunters.
  2. Fili-mac

    USED Dunlop Q3 rear tire 180/55/17 asking $80 - Street rider/stunner special

    Street rider/stunner special, tire was only use for 6-7 trackdays, lots of rubber/tire left. ASKING $80
  3. Fili-mac

    180 vs 190 Rear Tire - 2005 R6 ???

    Considering picking up a set of Q3's from Pete's Superbikes (50% off Deal). I've run Q3's and Q2's but always with a 180 rear, any benefit or issues going with a 190?
  4. Fili-mac

    2005 R6 Coils Issues - Reistance Tests

    I'm having issues with mid-high range power, i.e. no significant power. We've attempted to do a few test, compression (low readings on a dry test 150-160 ish, 240ish wet all four cylinders relativity consistent both wet and dry). Next we checked the spark plugs and everything looked good...
  5. Fili-mac

    Dunlop Q3 Rear 180/55/17 $50

    Trackday use only, lots of rubber left for street use 180/55/17 $50
  6. Fili-mac

    Dunlop Q3 Rear 180/55/17 $90

    Trackday use only, lots of rubber left for street use 180/55/17 $90
  7. Fili-mac

    Looking for a 1093-100 Ohlins Spring for Rear Shock

    Unfortunately the sweet spot is in between the two springs I have :mad: Willing to trade my 1093- 95 or 1093-105, or pay cash. Hopefully someone has one lying around, let me know. Thanks
  8. Fili-mac

    Fitting Armour Bodies Bodywork??? Tail isn't sitting right......

    I'm fitting some used Armour Bodies bodywork on a 2005 R6. Overall everything is going well and lining up. However, the one piece superbike tail requires some tinkering…. If I match up the lines of the bodywork with the tank, there is a gap under the front of the seat (isn't sitting on the...
  9. Fili-mac

    2003-2005 Yamaha R6, R6s OEM Fairings and Parts!!!!!

    2003-2005 Yamaha R6, R6s OEM Fairings and Parts!!!!! Blue OEM complete fairing kits - $ 1,000.00 OEM headlight c/w HID kit - $300.00...
  10. Fili-mac

    Looking for 2005 Yamaha R6 track bodywork and other go fast parts

    Looking for 2005 Yamaha R6 track bodywork new or used let me know what you have.
  11. Fili-mac

    WTB 2005 Yamaha R6 track bodywork

    Looking for 2005 Yamaha R6 track bodywork new or used let me know what you have.
  12. Fili-mac

    Leather Nexo Motorcycle Tracksuit 1 piece 46ish

    Leather Nexo Motorcycle Tracksuit worn two/three seasons 15-20 trackdays. Fully perforated with CE armour. Pro racer suit similar to dainese, alpinestar, rev'it, or spyke. Size 46ish fit someone 5-8, 150-180lbs. Minor scuffs from a low side, but the leather is still in good shape. Come check it...
  13. Fili-mac

    2005 R6 sprockets sizes for SMP, Mosport & Bogie?

    I'm still running stock sprockets (16 front 48 rear) on my 2005 R6 What sizes are people running for SMP, Mosport and Bogie? I'm thinking of running a 520 chain and playing around with the sprockets if it's worth the effort. Thoughts.....
  14. Fili-mac

    Calabogie Tips? (places to eat, buy food, etc.)

    Two days at bogie are booked and coming up fast. We have booked a room at Calabogie Peaks, now what else do I have to think about :confused:. Any recommendation on places to eat, or place to stay away from? Is there a grocery store near by? or I should we stock up for the trip before we leave?
  15. Fili-mac

    WTB: Rear Caliper Bolt 2005 R6

    anybody have one?
  16. Fili-mac

    Lightly Used Metzler Sportec M3 $120

    Light used Metzler Sportec M3 $120 for the set Front 120/65/17 Rear 180/55/17
  17. Fili-mac

    Used Dunlop Sportmax Q2 $80

    A set of used Dunlop Sportmax Q2, 4-5 trackdays on the rear, 8-10 on the front. Lots of rubber down the middle, for street use. $80 for the set. Front 120/70/17 Rear 180/55/17
  18. Fili-mac

    Front tire profile?

    The stock front tire size for my 2005 R6 is 120/60/17, what would be the difference if I ran a 65 or 70? how would the different size feel? would I notice anything?
  19. Fili-mac

    What is the best trailer wheel chock?

    Past years all i have done it strap the bike down however, this year I have to fit two bikes on the trailer. So I'm trying to figure out the best system. What's worked best for you guys, FYI it's an open snowmobile trailer. Thanks
  20. Fili-mac

    LOOKING FOR: 2003-2005 R6 or R6s Stock kick stand

    Let me know if you have one, willing to trade for an adjustable (lowering) kick stand

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