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  1. D-J

    Germany’s Fight Over Speed-Limits On The Autobahn

    A fierce debate over implementing an 80mph speed-limit on the nation’s world-famous autobahn rages in Germany with auto-industry lobbyists and car enthusiasts in one corner and safety & environmental advocates in the other. Full article...
  2. D-J

    Hang in there, winter's almost done. Itching to ride. Sent from my SGH-M919V using mobile app
  3. D-J

    Bike in Venom trailer

    Anyone know this bike appearing briefly in the new Venom movie trailer? Sent from my SGH-M919V using mobile app
  4. D-J

    Vehicles come up beside you on highway?

    Has this happened to anyone? Yesterday, incredibly, two head-scratching moments in the same day. First instance: I was riding in the center lane hwy 427 going southbound, going with the flow of traffic, minding my own business and a car comes speeding up really fast behind me getting just...
  5. D-J

    TMP track day July 1, 2018 lunch break

    This little guy was ripping up and down the pit area all morning. When we stopped for lunch he was out doing a few laps with his dad. So awesome! Put a huge smile on everyone's face. Sent from my SGH-M919V using mobile app
  6. D-J

    Sport Bike Riders Oddly Missing

    This past Saturday I joined one of my Harley riding buddies at the 'Ride For Dad' ( in Oakville. The event raises funds to support prostate cancer research -- a great cause -- now in its 12th year. It was a great day with over 175kms of riding and meeting lots of other...
  7. D-J

    Insurance: It pays to shop around

    We all know one of the best strategies for obtaining competitive motorcycle insurance is to shop around. Over the past couple weeks I've been doing just that and I'm finding huge variations among brokers. In some cases as much as 150% difference in prices quoted. I find this very strange...
  8. D-J

    Vintage motorcycle ads

    (1982) Honda Nighthawk 750
  9. D-J

    Risk of fatal motorcycle crash higher under a full moon, researchers find

    “Our study suggests that extra care is needed when riding a motorcycle under a full moon,” said Dr Donald Redelmeier, co-author of the research from the University of Toronto. Well, thanks for the heads-up. Yet another bewildering academic study...

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