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    Motorcycle Helmets bought from online platforms had counterfeit safety certifications

    Fakes on the interweb. That doesn't sound right.
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    Klim Lattitude pants have no fly!!

    Your bragging is no help..... I guess $600 later I'll know the answer.
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    Klim Lattitude pants have no fly!!

    Was at Royal yesterday trying on the Klim gear @Wingboy suggested and found out the pants don't have a true fly. The opening has a piece of fabric which I assume maintains the waterproofing. Looks like each whiz stop means sliding the pants about halfway down my butt. Looks like a bit of a pain...
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    Racing Stripes

    I was thinking it needed 53 on the side but it's not a beetle....
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    TV shows currently watching

    We were watching that and I thought it had wrapped up. Damn netflix, so much shite who can keep up...
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    Harley-Davidson Announces End Of EVO Sportster Production

    I've done a bunch of HD demo rides at Ride4Sight over the years but never been tempted. That said I still have a soft spot for a 883.
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    Online parts fiche

    Was pretty attached to the parts fiche at bikebandit for checking on stuff. Now their site is down. Any good alternatives? PartsFish only goes back to '77 and need at least '72.
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    Bill 7 $400 a day for hospital stay

    No will is gonna screw you and sis. Sad your ol boy can't see that.
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    Any GTAM'ers own an electric vehicle?

    Is that the one with quad steering and on the fly ride height adjustment?
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    Bill 7 $400 a day for hospital stay

    Dad died at home. Mom was at home until she went into a hospice. I'm so glad we never had to deal with LTC.
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    What Are You Currently Listening To?

    This Dad is control.... Don't you give me no dirty looks Your father's hip, he knows what cooks Just tell your hoodlum friend outside You ain't got time to take a ride
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    Any GTAM'ers own an electric vehicle?

    Can anyone tell me this? Say for example a mother and two kids step into the roadway and the self driving car has to decide between a dangerous swerving maneuver that may injure the vehicle occupant or continue on and strike the family how does it make the call. Would it drive the car off a...
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    Any GTAM'ers own an electric vehicle?

    Something that ugly should be delayed permanently
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    Sure beats a "good" day at work

    Sorry @sburns it's not recent. I was going thru pics and came across that one from a road trip a few years back. There's normally a full KLusteR of about 8 or 9 killers. Sadly the green one has now passed on. Mine's the last remaining first gen of our group. @Malks that's my Rubbermaid Action...
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    Bill 7 $400 a day for hospital stay

    My son worked in LTC. He doesn't believe the "C" stands for care.
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    Sure beats a "good" day at work

    "There's no bad weather, you're just improperly dressed" is the line I like to go by.
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    Any Ride Plans

    Easy Peasy. Head to Matagami and then hang a north. Or head to Chibougamau and ride the The North Road up through Nemiscau. It was great gravel when we rode it.
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    Sure beats a "good" day at work

    I think the photo speaks for itself.
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    Any Ride Plans

    Nunavut to James Bay? How would that work. We rode to Thompson MA once because a buddy said it was as far as you could go on paved roads in Manitobe. Truth is you can go a little further on asphalt but I don't think you can get to Nunavut by road - even gravel. Been to James Bay a couple times...
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    Enough of COVID...what are you doing to the house?

    They do it all the time with laminate c/t on islands, or they did until people went stupid for stone. Laminate c/t is wood dust and glue inside.

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