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    Toronto City Workers Sick Days
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    Sonny The Bull

    If you see this.. or if someone else that has a contact for him... please PM me.
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    Web and Graphic Design...

    I need a wesite, logo, marketing materials, etc... Anyone who does this type of work and is interested... PM with some info.
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    Sports Memorabilia Collectors

    Are there any avid sports memorabilia collectors on here?
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    Any Lawyers Here...

    That specialize in employment contract law?
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    Dog Collars...

    I had some collars custom made for my dog.... and they don't fit properly. Not the maker's fault... and I am having more made by him. These are working dog collars, heavier duty than the average collar, made to protect the neck. They will fit a dog with a 11"-14" neck give or take and are about...
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    Frank Meyers - Government Expropriating 200 year old farm
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    Bullys Beware... Man received less than the minimum sentence for firing 6 shots into the home of someone who had been bullying him for 2+ years.
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    Jeffrey Baldwin

    I've been reading the articles about Jeffrey baldwin. I can't understand and/or even believe some of what I've read. How can that happen... and with so many people just watching it happen. Sickening...
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    The Dog Park In Brampton...

    I was standing with another guy with both our dogs right near our feet.... mine playing, his napping. An angry lady came out of a wooded area in the park, running towards us, yelling at us to call our dogs off of hers... "Mame, both our dogs are right here... what..." "those.... the...

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