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    Where do I upgrade my licence?

    I recently upgraded my M2 to a full M. Does anyone know if I can update my licence at a Service Ontario or do I have to go to a Drive Test Centre for that?
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    Disobey stop sign

    yes you can say that but to a lesser offence. Plead guilty once issued and your not giving it a chance for a better scenario.
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    Disobey stop sign

    I got one just like yours with the 3 demerits. Setup a court date and talked to the prosecutor. I was upfront and honest and told that Im not asking to drop the charge but if he could please lower to a lesser offence and demerits and he accepted. It was 2 points instead of 3 so you can say...
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    M2 Exit Complete

    Did it on a Ninja
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    M2 Exit Complete

    feels great! Congrats to you as well
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    M2 Exit Complete

    Booked with Learning Curves out of Hamilton with just one other guy and the instructor. It was on Canada Day Monday and I passed with 10 points against me. A 25 is a Pass still and a 26 a Fail. We did 1 hour low speed cone exercises in a parking lot first and than off to the Qew Niagara Bound...
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    Taxes on buying a used motorcycle?

    that is a bloody joke!! There Tax theives so do what you can to pay as little as possible. Even thats too much
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    Seven riders down in New Hampshire

    That is such horrible news!!
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    RTI M2X Course, Test without highway portion

    Thanks for the advice. Will be getting out some more for some practice runs.
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    RTI M2X Course, Test without highway portion

    I will be doing my M2 Exit in a few weeks and also not very comfortable with the hwy portion they test you on but will be riding it. My question to anyone that would know would be IF you fail the hwy portion and do well with the rest would you still pass to a full M?
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    Fatal motorcycle collision Hamilton

    RIP Rider. I frequent that area alot. Terrible news
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    Declined insurance after one year...

    thats what I thought too. I spoke with a broker and told them how they were mentioned here on this site regarding BETTER RATES than others. I was blown away with the quote. They told me to try Riders Choice. Hey I thought my rates were crazy high but I guess there good.
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    Declined insurance after one year...

    1500 for both bikes 50+ riding 4 years only with an M2
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    Declined insurance after one year...

    VStar 950 and a Ninja 300
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    Declined insurance after one year...

    Everyones going on about Echolon so I decided to call today and get quotes on my 2 bikes Im paying $1500 for both now and get ready for this with Echolon they quoted me a wopping -- $3500.. !!!! WOW.
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    Apr 20. Red hill pkwy gws

    lets hope for the best here!
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    First accident

    My recent ticket I received ( DISOBEYING SIGN ) driving my car - increased both my motorcycle and vehicle rates.
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    BEST motorcycle show ever!

    Ride with Norman Reedus I did not know about this show until wifey recorded it for me just yesterday. Lots of BIKES Lots of RIDES. Anyone here watching it? It the guy from the Walking Dead series that hosts it.

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