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    Lane splitting

    Search the HTA all you want (it's online and is searchable)... You won't find a section that states two vehicles cannot occupy the same lane. They are not exempt from the HTA all the time.. only under certain circumstances. They can't break laws while just out patrolling.. They're only exempt...
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    Ever see one of your past loves for sale on Kijiji?

    Yeah... but we broke up a long time ago and I could care less what she's doing now.
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    Left Lane Loafers - Watch This

    is the section that covers impeding traffic... but it doesn't state 20KPH under is an offence.
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    Lane splitting

    Can you please dig up the related section(s)... that "specifically mentions that only 1 vehicle may occupy a lane at any point"
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    Lane splitting

    The HTA doesn't state either actions is illegal... so what would they be amending?
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    Lane splitting

    But... Is lane splitting or filtering actually illegal?
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    Left Lane Loafers - Watch This

    No, there isn't.
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    Mountie under investigation after motorcycle stunt

    I see a cop that's out doing some community outreach.. bonding with the folks at the event. Everyone's okay.. fix the scratches and send him off to the next event for some more community outreaching.
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    Daily sports car?

    he was loaned a supercar for a few days... not sure I'd call that a plight. But... regarding his article.. His biggest complaints were not having a garage to park it in, taking it through a regular car wash.. and thinking it's too expensive to drive to Costco. All of those issues would have...
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    What's H-D up to now ?

    HD's 5% decrease is inline with the decrease in over-all motorcycle sales.
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    Bike keys left in the bike

    Sid didn't know how to play the bass... He only did a song or two on the bullocks album... everything else was the guitarist. He wouldn't even be plugged in some of the shows. He was part of the band only because of his image.
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    Don't check your phone while stopped at a red light!

    bus passengers, train passengers... heck at 5 kph... you'd be including joggers and possibly some fast walkers.
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    Don't check your phone while stopped at a red light!

    Dash and body cams.
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    Don't check your phone while stopped at a red light!

    More often than not.. the cop is the cause when there's a cop car involved in a crash.
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    Don't check your phone while stopped at a red light!

    They aren't breaking laws to catch ticketable offences.
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    Daily sports car?

    Most modern exotics are pretty easy to drive at 'normal every day speeds'
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    Any GTAM'ers own an electric vehicle?

    The only thing that would piss me off about the incident.. is the attitude when he came back for the car... I wouldn't call the cops when I found it.. it's obvious what happened, why the car is there... It's not a police matter IMO. I wouldn't even unplug it... BUT... You better have a couple...
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    Tory takes aim at noisy motorcycles

    Everyone complains about texting and driving.. and everyone, including most riders, complain about the jackasses that bounce the limiter... There is no 'drivers' and 'bikers' element to it... most of society can't stand either. One is a safety concern and the other is just annoyance... so I...
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    Thinking of moving to a new city...suggestions, ideas etc are welcome

    Buy a house with a basement apartment... rent out the basement to help with the mortgage. Some mortgage companies will allow you to include the potential rental income when qualifying.
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    Help me friends, please.

    I looked into this when exploring a similar project.. I already carry fairly extensive commercial policies.. so adding on to my existing policies would have cost me a few hundred a year per machine... liability/theft, etc.. only... adding collision would cost about the same as the cost of the...

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