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    Scooter, no owner or ownership

    I was given a Honda Jazz scooter a year ago from an acquaintance, he had received it as a payment from a friend that had won it from a Honda Contest. He did also receive papers or something with it to get it registered. Both guys did not have an M license and never ended up registering the...
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    2001 Suzuki Intruder 800

    killvino submitted a new listing: 2001 Suzuki Intruder 800 - 2001 Suzuki Intruder 800 Learn more about this listing...
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    New Zero SR/F Released 110hp 140 lbs/ft 109 mixed miles $20,995 it doesnt look terrible, but that's the best you can say about it.
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    Trailer repair shop

    Got a used large utility trailer with a john deere i bought. Hauled wine barrels and a ton of water cases last time. Think when I loaded it with the water cases, I had too much weight on the tongue because now the stressed part of the trailer frame to tongue isn't straight and able to move...
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    Road rage incident?

    repost title says road rage, but i'm not entirely sure. theres no audio and the way the sienna drives seems kind of off, not denying that the drivers a moron. but the swerve seemed like they did it to avoid the pylons on the right.
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    2001 Suzuki Intruder 800

    Selling black, Suzuki Intruder VS800 Great starter or intermediate cruiser. 24,000km $2500 Will certify with deposit. See kijiji ad for details and pictures:
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    Today i was running a bit late to work and missed breakfast, knew the mcdonalds there had a ton of old visitors and didnt want to join that long line inside. went through drivethru cause i was just grabbing a sandwhich and would just toss it in my pocket or jacket and eat at work anyways. had...
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    Uber with Truck/Vans

    ive got my own truck but this might be useful for those without. to be safe, you probably need a ramp, tie-downs and know what you're doing.
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    2007 Speed Triple

    2007 Triumph Speed Triple White, 29 something km. final price drop $6000 as it sits now. if i'm storing it, i'm keeping it. modifications: custom MT03 headlight with custom bracket beautiful ZARD slip-on power commander CNC brake fluid reservoir bar end mirrors rizoma bar frame sliders...
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    2010 gsx-r1000

    sold thanks
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    Strapless transport Stand

    didnt find anything else here about these. sorry if its a repost. but seems pretty useful. also wondering if anyone has these or tried them?
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    Statefarm Desjardins takeover

    Just heard from my broker that statefarm's insurance part is going to taken over by Desjardins but they have no idea what changes might be coming. Just worried they are going to change the way premiums are calculated and screw all of us younger supersport owners. Anyone hear anything?
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    2009 zx6r $5000

    2009 Kawasaki ZX6R green 38,000 km pazzo replica levers ebay slip on exhaust gold X ring chain frame sliders touring and regular tinted windscreen have all stock parts as well valves were done at 29k $5000 obo pics at
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    Angry paramedic

    grumpy old man.
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    Macau GP 2013 enjoy
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    preload adjustments

    Sorry if noob question but this is my first time doing this. Couldn't find the answer i was looking for anywhere i just removed my forks and had the fork seals done since one of them was leaking. i got them back and reinstalled them, everything seems ok. but one of the preload adjusting things...
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    another fast lane splitter

    havent seen this on here so thought id share side note, the antenna he has on is safety against kites. -from Bagman
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    Good motorcycle websites?

    any one know any good ones? something nice to look at, nice pictures, maybe some good spreads on custom bikes. heres examples of what i'm looking for
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    Fs yzf600r

    1995 YZF600R teal color good starting 600 some small fairing damage shown in pics not really that noticeable email me for questions frame sliders, carbon fibre hindle slip on just put on some flushmount signals, not shown in pics just had fork seals and steering bearings done. have receipt still...
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    more dangerous riding wow. and no helmets either.

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