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  1. vanjka

    what type of laptop to use for video editing

    Hey people, Wondering what laptop would you recommend for light to moderate video editing (Premier Pro CS6/Davinci Resolve)? I would not mind used/not the newest model, since I am on a budget. Thank you for the suggestions
  2. vanjka

    New bike for the Royal Highness advise

    Hello all GTAMR's I bought my wife her first bike 2004 Ninja 250 and now am looking for some advice. Where can we find more info on which frame sliders and recessed blinkers to install on her bike. This is to minimize damage in the event of a fall/tip over. Good advice is welcome. Thankx
  3. vanjka

    Stock BMW exhaust ready for your spring project

    Original stock exhaust that will fit R1150 RS 1998-2003, R1150 R 2000-2006 & R1150 Rockster 2002-2005. Mint condition. Get your BMW ready for the season. $400
  4. vanjka

    Super clean-never used stock parts for BMW

    Hello fellow bikers, I have for sale or trade an stock exhaust pipe for the R 1150 series BMW bikes. Here is the link.] Thanx for watching : )...
  5. vanjka

    Mint BMW parts

    Hello fellow riders, Start the season with great original BMW parts. I have for sale, Front & Rear muffler fitd BMW R 1150 GS from 1998-2003 and R 1150 2000-2006. Also windshield for the 1150 GS. All items are stock and in pristine condition. Save $$$ instead of paying $2K for the mufflers...
  6. vanjka

    Tickets for the Motorcycle Super show

    Hi people, I am interested to find out is there any way to get tickets at a discounted price for this weekends show. Please let me know. Thank you
  7. vanjka

    BMW oil head tool set

    Hello people, I recently became an BMW owner and am loving it. Unfortunately, the bike did not come with the tool set and now I am looking for one to either assemble on my own or buy a non OEM one. Any suggestions where I should look? Thank you
  8. vanjka

    Quick Thanksgiving ride

    Hi folks, It is a last minute request/question. I am planning a ride tomorrow Oct 12 2015 in the area of Palgrave, ON to take pictures of leaves changing colour. Can you suggest a nice route, so I can enjoy it more.Coming from Toronto. Thank you very much in advance. We might bump into each...
  9. vanjka

    Full M at Lawrence & Victoria Park

    Hello people, Here am I again with questions and advice on things. In two weeks I am doing my full M at Lawrence & Vic Park and would appreciate any advice, experiences, pointers what to be careful about, what's the route they take .... more details. Thank you in advance, CAN NOT WAIT TO...
  10. vanjka

    gta bikerentals

    Hi people, I just did my M2 (for the second time : )) and now preparing for full M. For this I needed to rent a bike since I do not yet have my own so I contacted gta bikerentals and the people were very professional about it, the bike arrived on time to the test facility and I even had...
  11. vanjka

    Which drive test center is better

    Hello people, I am set now to do my M2 riding test and follow that with a full M. Since I already have had my M2 and it has expired I would prefer to do my tests in a center that is not doing to give me too much headache. Any recommendations are helpful as well as tips on what to lookout for...
  12. vanjka

    A reliable BMW mechanic in Toronto

    Hello people, Have not written in a while but now have an opportunity to purchase an "older" BMW bike (1996 K series) and would appreciate a recommendation for a reliable BMW mechanic who is willing to look at the bike and help me with the purchase. If every thing is OK, I would become their...
  13. vanjka

    Some advice and a bit of help

    Hello everybody, I wanted to ask for some advice. I have been riding since 2005 till 2008 on a M2 license and then moved to Europe. In that time i got my motorcycle license there and my license in Canada expired. Now I want to continue riding here and want to know how to do it in the easiest...
  14. vanjka

    Ways to boost up spirits

    Hello people, Since there is a few more months until riding season begins I wanted to know who maybe has videos of Nick Sanders and his worldly adventures. Where can I get a hold of them? This will make these gray winter days easier to handle. Thank you very much in advance.
  15. vanjka

    December show

    Hello people, Who has been to the show? What are the impressions ,is it worth going? Post some pictures Thank you

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