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  1. Xhumeka

    Easter Weekend Bethany Ride 2019

    Who's hitting the Bethany this year?
  2. Xhumeka

    Black Friday In-Helmet Comms Deal?

    Anyone stumble across any good in-helmet communication deals? Been looking for a Sena or similar setup for awhile and was hoping for a Black Friday deal but I can't seem to find any :(
  3. Xhumeka

    George Clooney Scooter Head-on Crash Video
  4. Xhumeka

    Anyone still torrent?

    If anyone still uses a bit torrent client, it's wise to pay attention to the new "trolls" out there trawling the 'net... For the longest time it seemed Canadians were pretty immune to copyright infringement penalties but times are a changing it seems. For anyone interested, here is a very good...
  5. Xhumeka

    ODSC Bethany 2018

    Who's going?? It's a month away - get your bikes ready NOW!
  6. Xhumeka

    When will OPP ticket left-lane hogs????

    OK, bit of a rant here - but I'm so frikken' sick of the OPP ignoring left-lane hogs. I do not condone nor justify road-rage in any way, but consistently I see very stupid driving occur as a result of left-lane hogs. And I do agree that's it's INSANELY FRUSTRATING when you are stuck behind...
  7. Xhumeka

    Winter ATV Groomed Trails - Haliburton Forest Looking for feedback from anyone who has been to these trails on their ATV in the winter - is it worth the $50/day pricetag? I'm itchin' to get out for a decent rip, and considering bringing a bike there for a day...
  8. Xhumeka

    "For my wall"...

    Is it just me or does this sound very fishy? It might be more believable if he was accepting any plate INCLUDING antique, but the fact that he doesn't want antique makes me...
  9. Xhumeka

    BEST repair WORST delivery

    I snapped this from Home Depot @ Billy Bishop/401... man I consistently LOL at what I see leaving Home Depot parking lots... What's the best/worst you've seen?
  10. Xhumeka

    Insurance hard to get for older bikes?

    My buddy wants to buy a 1980 Honda CT110 (aka postie bike) this weekend but he can't get ahold of any insurance agents for a quote... someone told him it's harder to insure older motorcycles so it has him scared... Does anyone know if he'll have trouble (or have to pay a fortune) to insure a...
  11. Xhumeka

    wrong section - please delete

    wrong section - please delete
  12. Xhumeka

    WTB: Aprilia Pegaso 125

    Looking to buy an Aprilia Pegaso 125 two stroke - please contact me if you have one for sale, no matter the condition. Thanks!
  13. Xhumeka

    Bethany 2016 Roll Call

    Bethany 2016 Roll Call - Sunday April 17 So who's confirmed riding the Bethany this year? Is it actually on a Sunday or is that a typo? Every Bethany I've ever ridden has been on a Saturday - Sunday is the day for recuperating! Guess I'll have to book Monday off :/ Maybe we can get a couple...
  14. Xhumeka

    a "lane for distressed parents" is required <facepalm> Sorry to hear about today's events in Whitby, but my word... how often does something like this happen in Toronto (not very often). So why the hell would we need a "lane for distressed parents". My...
  15. Xhumeka

    Where's the sledding???

    This winter SUCKS SUCKS SUCKS for snowmobiling :( Any of you fellow sledders still somehow taking advantage of the winter season? Where is there snow to be found? I usually hate trailering to snowmobile, but this year leaves me no option :( Check out the sea of RED below... global warming...
  16. Xhumeka

    Rooftop Hockey + Going over the boards

    Imagine this: Plus this: Now THAT would be interesting!!! (the first pic shows the rink to be smack dab in the middle, but the other pics show it...
  17. Xhumeka

    I've fallen, but I don't want to get up!

    "Millionaire who claimed he 'fell' into teen cleared of rape" jeesh...
  18. Xhumeka


    Heading to Ardbeg this weekend; does anyone have any GPS waypoints/tracks for that area? I've only been there once before, and it's such an amazing area to explore I don't know where to start. If anyone has any suggestions for a day trip (ie leaving Black Lake in the moring, somewhere for...
  19. Xhumeka

    90's funky colours are back!

    Is it just me, or have the 90's glam already started to make a comeback?!?!? Check out Royal Distributing for the 2013 or 2014 wear, and I swear I traveled back in time 20 years! From Fox's Radeon line to O'Neil's RDX boots, it seems 90's glam is back in fashion! Heck, they even have "90s...
  20. Xhumeka

    Anyone need a laptop??? IdeaPad Y410p Laptop for $279

    Sorry for creating a new thread but I couldn't seem to find the computer related thread that's in here somewhere - and besides, a deal like this perhaps deserves it's own thread!! If anyone is looking for a laptop, this is the best deal I've seen in a LOOOOONG time, better than any black friday...

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