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  1. YellowDuck

    SOAR Round 1

    Results are posted: Awesome weekend. Many new entries in a lot of the classes. Let's hope this continues through the season.
  2. YellowDuck

    Racing Blog 2015

    First post (with video from Red Dawn Track Day, May 14)
  3. YellowDuck

    paint advice - base coat?

    I am repainting my fairing after repairing some crash damage. I am spray-bombing it just like last time using Color Rite urethane just like I did last time. Things came out pretty decent last time, but the colour was not a perfect match to the rest of the bike. The Color Rite paint comes with...
  4. YellowDuck

    Tire contingency?

    Anyone have info on Bridgestone or Dunlop's 2015 tire contingency programs? I can't find anything online. Would be nice to choose tires and be ready for spring testing.
  5. YellowDuck

    More shopping...

    Any of the venders here sell Thermo Tec exhaust wrap?
  6. YellowDuck

    Can anyone order from McMaster Carr?

    Placed an order online for a pile of hardware to convert my bike for quick wheel changes (shims, bolts, locking clips etc.). Turns out they don't ship to individuals in Canada - must be a business. I still have the complete list of part numbers etc. Can anyone help a guy out? This stuff...
  7. YellowDuck

    An apology

    To the rider who came by the ambulance at Grand Bend yesterday to say he was sorry for any involvement he had in my accident (sorry I don't know your name): What I should have said to you is "Thank you for coming by - I appreciate it." I apologize. Please understand that when we spoke I...
  8. YellowDuck

    Brake fade

    2003 GSXR600 - Our SOAR endurance bike. We were running the old pads that came in the bike when we bought it up until last round. But then we put in "carbon pads" - CP211 I think. During the race there seemed to be way too much lever travel - it never touched the bar but it was just a lot...
  9. YellowDuck

    Ground strap for endurance racing fuel stops

    SOAR Endurance rules say: (21)Any team not using a metal dry break system for refueling MUST use a ground strap to ground the motorcycle to earth while refueling. This can be any form of conductor to allow the bleeding off of any static charge to avoid a static buildup and potential ignition...
  10. YellowDuck

    TMP this Saturday

    Unless the weather forecast shifts two or three degrees in a favourable direction, I'm out. Maybe the following Sunday will bring better temperatures. Predicted high for the 19th is only 11 C. 3C overnight. Probably not the best conditions to begin my education around slick tires and warmers...
  11. YellowDuck

    MiniLap XT lap timer

    Just bought an ultra lap XT so that I can mount the sensor separately from the readout module. So, my miniLap is for sale. Also includes the IR beacon, plus the leads in case you want to power the beacon with a larger battery (not necessary - 4 AAs last several days) . Retail is $140 for the...
  12. YellowDuck

    Next stupid question - wiring recessed bolts.

    My front caliper bolts are tough to wire. On each side, one is no problem but the other is recessed entirely flush into the caliper carrier. They are allen bolts. I *think* the correct way to wire the recessed one is to put a washer (or two) under it to raise the head above the surface of the...
  13. YellowDuck

    Tape on new tires....

    My new Bridgestone front slick has a bunch of "Bridgestone" packing tape type stuff running around the circumference. You would think it would pull right off but nope, it is terrible to remove - can hardly peel up a corner and when I do it just pulls apart. Very annoying. Anyone know what to...
  14. YellowDuck

    2014 TMP Track Day Schedule
  15. YellowDuck

    Catch can?

    SOAR rules Section 13 part h: A six 325ml capacity (minimum) catch tank or reservoir must be provided for all crankcase breather hoses that are not vented to the air box. All other vent or overflow hoses must be securely routed into the oil retaining belly pan. On my bike the air box has been...
  16. YellowDuck

    Clutchless downshifting

    I have to admit I have never mastered this, and gave up trying out of concern for my gearbox. How many of you do most of your downshifts clutchless on the track?
  17. YellowDuck

    Grand Bend September 19

    This was a great day, with awesome weather once the fog lifted. Ran very smoothly, even though there was one injury (collar bone) and a few other wrecks. Reverse Alien is awesome! I love the feeling of dive-bombing the dogleg and then tipping it into the carousel without any brakes. Here's...
  18. YellowDuck

    Moto-D tire warmers

    I hope this is not a huge can of warmers I am opening (get it?), because I know John Bickle is a frequent poster here, as is Trackside Cuts. Hopefully people can just offer what they know about the product from personal experience. The Moto-D single temp warmers that Trackside Cuts now sells...
  19. YellowDuck

    SOAR Round 3?

    So, how did it go? I wanted to attend to spectate but had house guests to deal with instead. Mini-report from anyone who was there? Were there wet qualifiers and races or did the weather cooperate? Anything especially exciting happen? Everyone safe?
  20. YellowDuck

    Which GoPro?

    I want to use a Gopro this year at the track. I would likely want to try mounting on the tank (normal forward view), sometimes on the tail (for a view of body position), and maybe down low once in awhile to view front suspension (I just get a kick out of watching the suspension work). I know...

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