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    2020 west and central canada

    Is there anyone interested in going and help planning a trip out west ( west of Ontario) If so we can set up a time and meet to discuss it??? Thank you. Can be anytime between June and August 2020 Thanks oh and any ideas please post up as I dont have a clue right now.. thanks
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    Maritime Provinces

    east coast trip any interest please contact me. thanks. also thank you for your suggestion. you are right some may want to ride 2-3 hours a day some 8-10. thanks. this post was edited to exclude any details any questions can be answered through private message. thank you.
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    Hi there, new ish... guy hear

    Not totally new but never introduced myself. Any way I'm "newbee" and I have a question. Dose anyone ever go down to the states for a week just to ride in the winter months and if so where? Thanks
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    Trans Lab. highway in July 2019

    Deleted. Thanks all.

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