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    Weekday Newbie Meetup? (Downtown Area)

    I'm also free and would like to meet up.
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    2020 west and central canada

    Thanks for the tip.
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    2020 west and central canada

    Well I'm trying to get to all the provencies of Canada. Everything east of Ontario has been done. From Fermont to Cartwright Right across Newfoundland Argentia to Port aux Basque Nova Scotia New Brunswick. PEI Central Quebec and.north up to James Bay Northern Ontario up to Windigo Lake Some...
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    2020 west and central canada

    Is there anyone interested in going and help planning a trip out west ( west of Ontario) If so we can set up a time and meet to discuss it??? Thank you. Can be anytime between June and August 2020 Thanks oh and any ideas please post up as I dont have a clue right now.. thanks
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    Maritime Provinces

    Well I'm not that high tech but ..... Did 138 the gulf of st Lawrence, crossed over to new Brunswick at st croix, drove around pei literally, from there did the Cabot trail then ended up in darthmouth for Sunday church service, then after the service drove home non stop. It was very good...
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    Maritime Provinces

    this trip was great. Did it on my own hopefully I'll have company in future trips
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    Maritime Provinces

    east coast trip any interest please contact me. thanks. also thank you for your suggestion. you are right some may want to ride 2-3 hours a day some 8-10. thanks. this post was edited to exclude any details any questions can be answered through private message. thank you.
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    Hi there, new ish... guy hear

    Not totally new but never introduced myself. Any way I'm "newbee" and I have a question. Dose anyone ever go down to the states for a week just to ride in the winter months and if so where? Thanks
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    Trans Lab. highway in July 2019

    Deleted. Thanks all.

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