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  1. GateKeeper

    Pocket motorcycles - looking for parts

    Hopefully the collective here can assist in helping me track down, sites, or vendors, locations, etc for parts and such, for Pocket Bikes.... I have recently acquired one, it need a new fuel tank, current one is cracked, needs a battery, charging cable, and some other bits and pieces Any good...
  2. GateKeeper

    Looking for Fuel Injector retaing clip

    need 4 retaining clips any local leads would be appreciated they need to look like this to fit this
  3. GateKeeper

    The Lightning Strike electric motorcycle !!!!

    Electric bikes are getting better and better as time goes on....
  4. GateKeeper

    TV wall mounting

    Anyone have a good reliable source for this ? Looking for someone who has done this and is doing it, not a fly by night type, jack of all trades kind of person. I can’t find the card for the last guy I used, which is a bummer... .
  5. GateKeeper

    World First BMW Self Driving Motorbike

    World First BMW Self Driving Motorbike .
  6. GateKeeper


    Looking for BMW diagnostic software, but it needs to work with the K40 motorcycle All the ones I have found so far do not have the K40 option listed.... .
  7. GateKeeper

    THEMOTOSOCIAL - Wed. June 6, 2018 from 8-10PM - RAIN OR SHINE

    TORONTO!! Come crush a coffee and make some new pals in the city with us on Wed. June 6 from 8-10PM. We'll all be hanging out in the East Side at Canary Dark Horse Espresso Bar - 416 Front St. EAST. EVERYONE IS WELCOME! EVERYONE IS INVITED! BIKE OR NO BIKE! GOOD VIBES ONLY! #DontBeADudBeABud...
  8. GateKeeper

    BMW Detailed

    Had the bike professionally detailed and then it was sealed with a product called Ceramic Pro Coating good for a couple of years, nothing will stick to the bike so keeping her clean will be a breeze, really like how everything looks as if its brand new, there is almost a depth to the finish now...
  9. GateKeeper

    Looking for......

    2015 Nissan Murano Platinum I have step bars, or nerf bars, or side steps, or what ever you want to call them, got them with the car from dealer... I have damaged one of them passenger side (don't ask) need to get another one as the other side is OK, dealer won't or can't sell me just the one...
  10. GateKeeper

    BMW Prints a bike....
  11. GateKeeper

    Finally some decent weather.....

    Finally some decent weather, time to get the bike out properly! .
  12. GateKeeper

    Mmmmmm Carbon fiber....

    Well nothing better to do over the winter, than work on ones bike.... So I added a bit more Carbon Fiber, and I think this was the last bit, anymore and it will just be too much... .
  13. GateKeeper

    Let there be LED light....

    So today I tackled the install of LED bulbs in my bike, it's the end of January been cold for months now, but today it became warm enough to venture into the garage, peel back the cover and at least try to install some LED lights. Didn't take long, got all 3 in and they fit like a dream, no...
  14. GateKeeper

    BMW 310RR rumor ????

    310RR... could this be BMW's entry into the quickly growing small displacement sportbike category?? copied from another site..... .
  15. GateKeeper

    WTB - Handcuffs

    As the title says,,,where in the Mississauga area, or close by can I get handcuffs I am not looking for toy stuff or kinky stuff, need the real deal, ones that are Police approved, if that is possible.... They need to be legit, and something that is acceptable to be used by law enforcement...
  16. GateKeeper

    Helmet purchase from Germany is it worth it

    So I am looking at getting a new helmet, and after some thought, I have decided on the one I want. Purchase price here is 1400.00 delivered to my door, now same lid is about 950 delivered to my door, but since its coming from Germany via DHL, there could be duties, taxes, etc but I don't know...
  17. GateKeeper

    Worlds fastest production motorcycle - Electric.....
  18. GateKeeper

    I need to grease my shaft....

    Ok now that I have your attention..... Get your mind out of the gutter.... I need some high temp grease, optimoly, or what ever some one might have, BelRay brand or imilar and just as good... Not the cheap stuff in Canadian Tire, was there don't want that stuff... Any one close by I can get...
  19. GateKeeper

    BMW S1000r how its made

    How it's made...
  20. GateKeeper



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