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  1. Jenerator

    Raynauds and riding in cold weather

    How does handlebar vibration affect you guys? My guy has HAVS and his hands go numb after 15-20 mins of riding. I got him some grip puppies (supposed to be vibration absorbing foam grips that install over top of yours). He hasn't tried them yet. I'm hoping we'll be able to go on some rides...
  2. Jenerator

    Nakeds that ride like sports

    Honda 599? I know of a sweeeet matte black one that will be for sale soon!
  3. Jenerator


    I have a 2011 and it's perfect for my needs.
  4. Jenerator

    Options for home internet when you are out of the service area of the big guys

    I was pleasantly surprised to learn that TekSavvy services my area (Deseronto).
  5. Jenerator

    Scumbag Motorcycle Thieves Caught
  6. Jenerator

    Recommendations needed: Movers

    Looking for your valued input, GTAMers! We're in need of movers to efficiently get our house full of stuff from Brampton to (almost) Kingston near the end of this month. Who would you recommend we use? Thanks! Jen
  7. Jenerator

    New Scorpion Exo Savannah riding pants - SIZE L*

    * Their size large is obviously not the same size large as here in Canada. These will fit someone who is a normal small to medium, at best. No wind lining as mentioned on this page, but really smart looking pants:
  8. Jenerator

    Vintage Bar - Moving, needs to go!

    It's in great shape - somebody please take this thing away.
  9. Jenerator

    Wanted: Used Scala G9/G9X Headset

  10. Jenerator

    Electric Tankless Water Heaters - Need advice pls

    Hi all, At work we're putting in a gym with two washrooms (one shower, toilet and sink each) and the bossman wants electric tankless water heaters, again, one for each washroom. Has anyone RECENTLY installed one of these in this climate (Toronto) and had a positive experience? I see many that...
  11. Jenerator

    Happy National Dog Day

    Here's my Sophie playing tug with her friend Molly.
  12. Jenerator

    Any Arborists on here?

    We have been ordered by the City of Toronto to cut down a large, dead tree at the rear of the yard by the end of August. Power lines are also close to it. Please PM me if you can have a look and give a quote for the job. Thanks!
  13. Jenerator

    Wind Mobile Opinions Wanted

    Hey all, I'm currently with Virgin (Bell) with no complaints about service (voice or data), and I have a 1 gb plan. Wind Mobile has a pretty good sounding promo on right now, and I was wondering if anyone on here is already with Wind, and what advice they might offer with regard to me making...
  14. Jenerator

    New Conundrum...Finding a Dog-Friendly Home on a Budget

    I'm hoping some of you can offer me some tips...for the first time ever, I'll be hunting for a new home to buy for myself and my lab Sophie, and it looks like my budget might limit me to a town house or condo apartment. The problem with these options, of course, is that there are usually...
  15. Jenerator

    Recall: Shark RAW Helmets Affected products Shark RAW Helmets in sizes Medium (M) and Extra-Large (XL) Product description This recall involves Shark RAW Helmets in sizes medium and extra-large. The products have serial numbers sewn on...
  16. Jenerator

    Vinyl Siding....Looking for Referrals Please

    Need to get some quotes stat...must service Brampton. Please and thanks! Go! :lol:
  17. Jenerator

    Need help finding a street spray paint artist in TO this Saturday!

    Maybe you might know where they could be located? Specifically looking for one that does the spacey planetary type of art like so: Thanks!
  18. Jenerator

    School Assignment: Anyone have/work at/know of a body shop where lead bars are used?

    Hey guys n gals, So I just started my Industrial Hygiene course (last course in Algonquin's Occupational Safety and Health program) and I have been instructed to look at the processes of an antique/hot rod body shop with regard to the handling of dangerous products such as lead bars. I'm...
  19. Jenerator

    Free! Suzuki GS500E (K/L/M/N) Microfiche

    Hey guys, Sold the bike a long time ago and found this microfiche in a box as I was cleaning...part # is 99308-01D00 and the date on it is Jun. 1991. Free to whoever wants it; just cover shipping cost to wherever you are. Jen
  20. Jenerator

    Opinions/Info re: 2011/2012 Hyundai Tuscon GL/GLS?

    Am considering one of these as my next vehicle...anyone have any input (or work for Hyundai)? :)

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