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    Residential A/C freon top-up?

    My 12 year old A/C system is struggling to cool the house. I got Enercare out to have a look at it, and the guy diagnosed the unit within a minute or two as being low on freon. But he said he couldn't fix it today (it's a 4 hour service?) and he actively discouraged me from getting Enercare to...
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    Making a claim when you're pretty sure you're not at fault

    So I was involved in a minor accident today in the car. I'm confident that I am not at fault, but I dont have great supporting evidence and I'd like to get some opinions about making a claim. I was traveling northbound, the other car was traveling southbound. At an intersection with green...
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    Blank post content in tapatalk?

    Sometime in mid-December every thread starting showing up empty for me with Tapatalk on Android. In the sub-forums, the "most recent post" preview content is displayed correctly for each thread, but if I click on any thread there are no visible posts in it at all. The page counts are accurate...
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    Corduroy trail ride

    Has anyone done the RallyConnex Corduroy trail ride? This is the casual trail ride, not the enduro competition: I haven't ridden around Gooderham yet and I like the idea of getting an intro to the trails via their GPS track. Any idea what facilities they...
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    Trail permits for dual sport riding

    I've been making an effort to explore more (dirt) back roads this season, and it is vastly more entertaining than the regular paved options. Google maps has led me in a couple of cases to what turned out to be snowmobile or ATV tracks, which were at the upper limit of my comfort zone on the...

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