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  1. busabim

    Sunday ride may 19th

    Looking to do some distance Hamilton, fort erie, etc from toronto. Will leave around lunchtime BB
  2. busabim

    Keanu Reeves on how he got into bikes....

    Dont know if you have seen this. The embedded video of Keanu ( a Canuck) talks how he got into bikes and his bike company Arch cycles.. He has the matrix reloaded Ducati in his shop. In the article there is a video . You can see that he is really into bikes... He even mentions rider...
  3. busabim

    Plug For the Lock Clinic on Vaughan road in Toronto

    Greetings After losing my main key to my new bike I took my back up key to the lock clinic to have a spare cut. They had to try several blanks to make it fit, but they ended up with a key that worked and they charged me $6.50 for all their hard work. Shout out to Rob (the son) for taking the...
  4. busabim

    Rider down Yonge and York mills today around 2PM

    Came off the 401 West as it was jammed mid day today and saw this GSXR blue "Ride Rick" bike totaled on its side. Forks were all mashed up and bent back into the rad. Police said driver was fine and off to hospital. Dont know if anyone knows him BB
  5. busabim

    Whats with the retro look?

    Am I missing something or did the go back to the old look?
  6. busabim

    Anyone want to join in deals Gap/blue ridge trip in next few weeks for July departure

    Last minute cancellation by my riding buddy( again) so i am looking for at least one or more riders to split costs to go down to the good roads in the USA ( virginia, carolina, etc) for 10 days or so ( somewhat flexible on length of stay) I have been down many times and know the good riding...
  7. busabim

    2007 Midnight black GSXR600 priced to sell

    Selling my buddies Gixxer, nice shape, GPr exhaust, street ridden only. Trip mileage. Suzuki servicing just done. New battery, runs like a top. Busabim
  8. busabim

    Got my 2016 renewal for my 2015 BMWS1000R from TD Meloche....

    First off, I have home, 2 cars and the bike with them. I have $300 deductible and I am have been licensed for 30+ years. Bike is considered "High performance " category. I looked it up online through TD Insurance online. They only raised it 11% ( to $1530) which they seem to do every year. I...
  9. busabim

    Digital Temperature Gauge on sale at CT

    Ever wonder what your tires are doing if the temperatures are even on both sides? This tool is used by the pros to make sure the suspension is working properly. You can also check exhaust temperatures and header temperatures ( if visible) to see if all cylinders are the same. Pretty good in...
  10. busabim

    1999 Custom Hayabusa!!

    Rare original year hayabusa with over 30K invested. You will never see another Busa on the road like this. 500 pounds wet ( 65 less than stock and 319 km/h top speed) Ohlins R &T front forks( just serviced) , so smooth over the bumps. Feels like a 600 with loads of torque. Marvic Magnesium...
  11. busabim

    looking for riding buddy(s) to the Gap July 27- August 4/5

    Short notice but---My usual riding buddy has bailed at last minute. I would like to go for at least a week, I am planning on leaving on Monday morning to Virgina/NC/Tennessee. I know the roads, I am riding a supersport. PM me for more details. Looking to share costs for lodging. Busabim
  12. busabim

    Want your insurance to drop in half?

    Currently have a older hayabusa, I am not a young rider. Annual premium with TD is $1499 full coverage with many discounts. The BMW S1000XR or Z1000 is almost half the premium at 850 year. I am seriously thinking of switching. Each year with no claims/tickets they gouge me for more on the...
  13. busabim

    Looking for one or more riderrs to go to Gap in July/August

    I have been there more than ten times, my usual riding buddy is unavailable this summer. 7-10 days ideal. Mid August is looking good for departure. I Know the good roads. Not suitable for new riders. Please PM me for any questions. BB
  14. busabim

    Are you old enough to remember these motorcycle shops in To?

    Ah remember the day when you could go to yonge/davisville for bike parts at Canada cycle sports? Or GP cycle on O'connor? Cycle World East + West!! Competition wheels on Ellesmere? I heard Steve Crover died years ago . The only original shop left is Snow City cycle... BB
  15. busabim

    20 Years ago today the most talented racing driver hit Tamburello....

    For those of you who dont know who I mean it is the 20th anniversary of Ayrton Senna's death. Watch the 2 hour film called Senna ( 2010) if you want to know how exceptional a person he was. BB
  16. busabim

    BMW MOA National Rally IN BLoomsburg, PA July 19 - 24

    Going down this week prolly on Wednesday. about a 6 hour ride from TO. Great roads in the area. Will be staying in hotels and get to the rally for some of the events/demo rides. Here is a link to the rally site. There may be a space in the van for one more bike, I am riding down on my bike...
  17. busabim

    Blue Ridge and other goodies JUNE 14- 24......

    Fugget about it

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