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  1. FullMotoJacket

    Killboy will take pics of anyone

  2. FullMotoJacket

    Anyone have a pucker moment on Snake Rd. today?

    Gravel washout from last night's rain exiting the blind corner in the first valley north from Burlington was catching people out.
  3. FullMotoJacket

    Hey Gary.

    When does your warranty expire?
  4. FullMotoJacket

    Post Provincial election fallout thread

    Voted, now sitting back and waiting for the outcome. Who is going to win? Which incumbents are going down in flames? Who will be screaming RECOUNT!? And if you didn't vote, meme will tell you to ST*U, so don't bother voicing your hollow opinions. :p
  5. FullMotoJacket

    It was bound to happen.

    Scalise and several other Republicans shot in a Washington park at baseball practice this morning.
  6. FullMotoJacket

    Tag, you're it.

    Pretty impressive for Dynas.
  7. FullMotoJacket

    Photobucket hacked?

    Signed in and none of my libraries show up on the site. I've checked a few pics posted on several sites and they're there. Is anyone else having problems? Desktop and laptop are both the same.
  8. FullMotoJacket

    Now that's a first.

    Getting smoked crashing into a boat on the QEW.
  9. FullMotoJacket

    *WARNING* - Graphic mullet content.
  10. FullMotoJacket

    Justice served.
  11. FullMotoJacket

    Kill it! Kill it with fire!

    Beautiful? Uh, no. a man turns a scrap car into a beautiful sports car
  12. FullMotoJacket

    5M? Now THAT'S a recall
  13. FullMotoJacket

    Why is it always the dumbazz going the wrong way that lives?

    They were reporting this on the news this morning as I was leaving for work. Remember thinking that I hoped it was they guy going the wrong way that got smoked for a change. Nope.
  14. FullMotoJacket

    Hey Gary

    If you asked me this morning what I was doing this afternoon this wouldn't have been on the list. I did buy another bicycle, though. That would have been an easy guess.
  15. FullMotoJacket

    Need today (emergency) Honda CS sprocket for Africa Twin (CBR may cross ref.)

    Neighbour came home yesterday from an AV meet in WI with a guy from Switzerland in tow. He's on an around the world tour, the countershaft sprocket on his Africa Twin is toast. Was supposed to have one shipped in to a dealer en route but the order was lost and he's now in a bind. Has to be in...
  16. FullMotoJacket

    Who's on Rogers?

  17. FullMotoJacket

    Ding, dong, the witch is dead. Unfortunately the idiots who followed him will continue with the nonsense he started.
  18. FullMotoJacket


    Not you, Kyle.
  19. FullMotoJacket

    Finding deadbeat customers

    Looking for a way to find a customer with a sizable outstanding invoice that's gone underground. If anyone knows a good PI in the west end or has another method of getting his address from a lic. plate #, let's hear it. Any names or other "creative" solutions that might not be kosher to post...

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