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  1. i-WERKS

    Nipissing Road Between 518 and 520

    Planning a trip next weekend and wanted to hit Nipissing Road on the way however, I have one buddy on a SS bike therefore we want to avoid gravel. Does anyone know what the road surface is like on Nipissing road between 518 (Seguin Falls) to 520 (Magnetawan)
  2. i-WERKS

    Advice on IBA SS1600K route

    I'm planning to do the SaddleSore 1600K this summer. Would like some advice on my route options. I will might be doing this solo on my CB500X. Hoping to get some advice from other riders who may have ridden these highways. The plan is to leave at 4am so that it's daylight by the time I hit...
  3. i-WERKS

    SENA - My warranty claim experience

    I had a Sena 10U for about a year and the charging port for the last 3 months was getting finicky where I had to position the cable a certain way for it to charge. One day, it finally stopped charging. Contacted Sena via their website. They asked me a few questions, had me try a fault reset on...
  4. i-WERKS

    Another bike vs car video Warning: the video doesn't show any gore but there is a fallen rider in full frame towards the end of the video. Don't know the aftermath but I couldn't find an article on it.
  5. i-WERKS

    Minden/Haliburton Day Trip - 405km

    To start off, big thanks to Shanekingsley for the "Best Roads" thread. I use that thread in a lot of my route planning. Taking longer motorcycle trips is getting more and more difficult as there's just too much stuff that needs to be done during the weekends with a young child at home. I...
  6. i-WERKS

    Manitoulin 2 day trip

    How come there are so few ride reports on this site? I'll share some pics from my trip to Manitoulin back on May 26/27. First day's route. Hit the road at 8:30. 30 mins later than planned Breakfast & Coffee just off hwy 48 on a wet Friday morning. Brief stop for photos on the granite at...

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