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  1. busabim

    Shipping Address in Niagara Falls

    NYAddress - Niagara Falls, NY, United States Cheap and easy to find
  2. busabim

    Looking for a good towing company

    300 km per tow x 4/5 per year or 4 x , you do the math.... I start and drop bike off at 300 km points, perfectly allowed. I wait a day and repeat... BB
  3. busabim

    Looking for a good towing company

    The original question is there anybody cheaper than CAA? Are you for a 300 km tow on a flatbed? Why would I bother, the point was CAA cannot be beaten on long haul towing but you must pay up front or wait 2 days , it wasnt a shot against your company or any other towing company, just stating...
  4. busabim

    Looking for a good towing company

    Just to add my 2 cents. A buddy got his bike seized near algonquin for 50 over. About 225 km from toronto. We drove about an hour one day to pick it up and decided to call the tow company to make sure they were open, and guess what, they were not. I remembered I had caa premium and I said fak...
  5. busabim

    Normal to be exhausted next day after long ride?

    duh your bike is completely not suited for long distance....and with a passenger, lol
  6. busabim

    Ride Report: Another rip into the Smoky's

    Shane Should have gone with you Shane, you had the better weather lol BB
  7. busabim

    Help with carb Issues.

    go keto lol , ultra low carbs
  8. busabim

    Lithium batteries again....

    FYI bike was BMW s1000R, undersized IMHO ( ytx -9 ) from the factory. No warranty unless plugged in to BMW charger. Battery was meticulously maintained and plugged in during winter storage and at my home when not riding. It failed at 15 months, no warranty. Stranded me on the highway early...
  9. busabim

    Lithium batteries again....

    if you only ride in the city buy cheap battery. If you are a 1000 miles from home in the middle of nowhere and cheapo fails, f u. My OEM battery required the bike be plugged in (for warranty) (when not in use ) do to parasitic draw. It failed 3 months out of 1 year warranty. I threw it in the...
  10. busabim

    Lithium batteries again....

    i have had a shorai and it saved my ass many times. Now I have an earth x the only lifo that has over/under protection. i will never run a lead acid again, not enough cranking amps, excessive weight and poor performance over the long run. base voltage is 13.3 as well! BB
  11. busabim

    if you take off is there some way to know which venue you are going to drive to tonight?

    if you take off is there some way to know which venue you are going to drive to tonight?
  12. busabim

    i have similar disc and have infrared inversion table. Also yoga will work for discs it will...

    i have similar disc and have infrared inversion table. Also yoga will work for discs it will recede after time standing desk for work for me now. sitting will aggravate the condition
  13. busabim

    Beer store monopoly collapsing

    The china effect affects all industries, services, and it is truly a race to the bottom. Couple that with technology, AI , and there will be no work soon for the masses. The rise of the machines was not so fictional after all....
  14. busabim

    Beer store monopoly collapsing

    Fak em all, the LCBO should be next. The rest of us can no longer afford to support these antiquated union monopolies.
  15. busabim

    Sunday ride may 19th

    Looking to do some distance Hamilton, fort erie, etc from toronto. Will leave around lunchtime BB
  16. busabim

    2019 Ontario GTA Photo Tag

    At the bluffs for the first nice day of 2019!
  17. busabim

    [CTV News] Motorcyclist shocked her insurance is discontinued

    it is excellent that this is making it to the media (tv). Good that is is a girl as well as most riders are stereotyped as male. Maybe finally things will change with more media attention. Couldnt get any worse for rates! BB
  18. busabim

    Do you buy used or new? Why?

    On baby bikes there is not much difference in new and used. I saved 8K on my Kawy lol. To trade my 2 year old bike with full warranty, they offered me less than the cost of what I paid for my entire next bike! Thus, I sold it privately. BB
  19. busabim

    Chain Lube - Do We Need It? (Fortnine Video)

    gear oil has been known for years to work the best but it is messy as hell. Scott oiler and other auto chain lubers use oil to keep the chain lubricated and it has been shown those oilers do make the chains last longer. Scottoiler makes one but it is expensive ( 200 US) and i hear works pretty...
  20. busabim

    Do you buy used or new? Why?

    Recently bought new ( at a fair discount) as bike was a new model for the manufacturer. A month later a used one ( 1 year old) came up and I was kicking myself for not waiting. I can afford new and it is the biggest waste of money on discretionary purchases ( toys, etc) When I sold it as a 2...

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