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  1. wonderings

    Camping on flood plain/public land?

    There is some flood plain land around my small town and was curious what the rules are in terms of camping on it for a night. I tried searching online and came to the GRCA (Grand River Conversation Authority) website that detailed what the land was used for and it gave me a regulation code. I...
  2. wonderings

    West Jet now ships your bike to Europe

    Saw this on Now WestJet will fly your bike to Europe - Adventure Rider West Jet is getting into the game. Maybe there is a growing market for this? I know it has gotten me thinking about shipping my bike over for a 3 or 4 week tour.
  3. wonderings

    what is worth seeing near Beartooth Pass?

    Planning out a trip next summer and thinking of heading west again. This time I would be heading towards Beartooth pass, hear nothing but good things about it. I would only push as far west as Yellowstone Park and even that is a maybe as I have heard it can be very busy, especially when I would...
  4. wonderings

    BMW self driving motorcycle

    Just saw this video this morning and pretty amazing what the tech can do. I do not think they are going to be making a self riding bike but exploring the technologies for future things.
  5. wonderings

    home theatre question

    I am thinking of making a change to my home theatre setup. Currently I have a denon receiver, 2 polk tower speakers for left and right as well as 2 polk rear surround sound speakers and a klipsch centre speaker all connected to a Samsung QLED 55” 4k tv. All sounds good but takes up space. I...
  6. wonderings

    Furkot to stop using google maps

    I know some people on here are using Furkot and many swear by it. Seems Google has massively increased the cost for their maps. Furkot will either have to look somewhere else or start charging if they want to keep on using as it by the way I see it. A short time ago Google announced...
  7. wonderings

    Anyone toured the Harley production facility in York PA?

    Planning a group trip with a couple of friends and heading down to Gettysburg for some historical excitement is one possibility. I found that there is a Harley Davidson Production facility not to far in York. Wondering if it is worth the price for this tour? Anyone been and recommend...
  8. wonderings

    ordering from fc-moto?

    just wondering if anyone has ordered a helmet from the website A friend is looking at a helmet there, seems to be out of stuck everywhere here. Any extra duty fees or other surprise fees ordering from Europe and having it shipped here?
  9. wonderings

    mismatched tires on a Subaru outback?

    I have a 2013 Outback. About a month or 2 back I hit something and punctured my front left tire. It was not repairable, huge gash in the side. Thankfully (possibly conspiracy) this happened right in front of a tire shop. I rolled right in and had 2 new front tires put on. They were not the same...
  10. wonderings

    camping suggestions for Mt. Washington?

    Might be heading out that way beginning of June with a few friends. Can anyone recommend any good camping spots? All google brought up was KOA and state parks that did not have camping listed.
  11. wonderings

    ordering helmets from Revzilla?

    Anyone order a helmet from Revzilla? There is a helmet I am interested in but it is just not available in Canada, or at least anywhere that has it so I can try it on. Any extra duty and any issues with returning?
  12. wonderings

    BMW helmet with heads up display

    I guess this was just announced at CES. Looks amazing! The skulls helmet is what, $1500? Can only imaging this will cost. Looks slick though.
  13. wonderings

    3D printing?

    How complicated is software for 3D printing? Is this something someone not involved with any 3D modelling could step into somewhat easily? Is there a need for some expensive software? I was originally looking at this: I read some mediocre reviews and then came across...
  14. wonderings

    Nexx dealer in SW Ontario?

    I am looking for a new helmet, looking for a dual sport helmet. I was going to go buy a BMW GS helmet, but then saw online this Nexx XD1 that looks like a pretty good helmet with great features for a fair bit less then the BMW helmet. I...
  15. wonderings

    PC help

    I have a PC I bought from Canada Computers about a year ago. I am starting to upgrade the components inside. I replaced the GPU and the PSU with no problem and have run well for 3 months or so. I wanted to upgrade the CPU next, so I researched and looked into what I can install. The socket is...
  16. wonderings

    Where are you headed in 2015?

    I know I always start planning for the summer around this time of year. I use Basecamp with my Garmin Zumo and start looking at options, routing different trips trying to figure out what I want to do and where I want to go. I am guessing I am not the only one. So what are your plans for the...
  17. wonderings

    Any fishermen here?

    Looking to get a gift for my sisters boyfriend for christmas. I do not know the guy well, she is going to school down in PA where he lives. He had mentioned he liked those telescopic fishing rods. I know virtually jack all about the equipment, fishing for me has been a rod and worm. I was...
  18. wonderings

    Reliance Home Comfort?

    I need to replace my furnace. The one I currently have is 30+ years old and the switch is leaking gas. I have called Reliance Home Comfort to come in for a quote, they have a promo where you get a $25 pre paid visa or something like that, so I am going for it. Anyways, the reviews on google...
  19. wonderings

    american netflix in canada easy solution

    Saw this on CNN and it worked, though you need to be watching netflix on a computer, does not work with apple tv or other tv's as it is browser based. It is free, just needed to put in an email, I used a junk hotmail one for such things. Very simple and was done in less then 5 mins and was able...
  20. wonderings

    dual play on my panasonic tv?

    I recently bought a new panasonic 55" 3D LED smart tv . I was surprised to see the 3D signal detector pop up when playing call of duty ghost for ps4, playing against my friend on split screen. I hit the 3D button and was very pleasantly surprised to see the screen go full as it was doing dual...

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