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  1. CFunk

    Where can I get an OEM key cut?

    I went to with a dealership blank and my original key. The guy cut it, screwed it up, gave me a cheap Ilco key as a replacement, and said "I don't care what you say, I don't care if it's from a dealership, these keys are not the same thickness". Does anyone know a...
  2. CFunk

    Permit Parking Downtown

    I know that bikes park for free downtown, but what is the deal when it comes to permit parking? Do we still need to apply to the city for it, or is it free as well?
  3. CFunk

    Southland insurance / other Jevco brokers?

    Anyone have any experience with Southland insurance, or can recommend another Jevco broker? I'm flirting with the idea of a bigger bike, and they appear to count it as a sport-touring or something; Meloche Monnex does not.
  4. CFunk

    Sunday afternoon?

    Anyone riding tomorrow afternoon? Calling for a chance of rain in the early morning, but roads should be dry by afternoon.
  5. CFunk

    Parking ticket kept by Toronto Parking Authority

    So, this might be a dumb question, but I've never fought a parking ticket before now. I went to Metro Hall and filled out my paperwork to fight the ticket, went to the counter, and they asked for the ticket and the paperwork. They returned a copy of the paperwork, kept the ticket, and told me...
  6. CFunk

    Good shop for engine work?

    So, I've been kind of procrastinating on getting my yearly service done, but I'm pretty sure this year I will need to have my first valve adjustment done, per the Suzuki service manual. Can anyone recommend an east-end bike shop (Durham region, preferably) that does really good engine work?
  7. CFunk

    Sunday Ride from Durham

    I'm organizing a ride out of Whitby, which should be about 6-7 hours total (including lunch and breaks). Details below, but feel free to PM me for more info. Post or PM if you plan on coming. Meet: Esso @ Thickson & Taunton Time: 10:30 meet, leave by 10:45 (no exceptions) Route: North (message...
  8. CFunk

    East end ride - Saturday, June 16

    Anyone interested? Will be a mix of twisties and scenic routes, departing around 10:30 from Oshawa. Moderate pace on the highways, own pace in the twisties. M2 strongly recommended, sport bike oriented.
  9. CFunk

    Rider down in Whitby this morning

    Burns and Hopkins, around 9:30 this morning, looks like the car made a left in front of him. The guy looked ok (was sitting in the back of the truck answering questions). Bike looked like maybe a silver Busa. GWS rider.
  10. CFunk

    Short ride Monday afternoon

    So, I figure this is a bit of a stretch, assuming that there are people who both have Monday off work and still have their bike out, but it's going to be 15 degrees. Anyone interested in a short ride? Meet Up: Shell Gas Station @ Thickson & Consumers in Whitby...
  11. CFunk

    Replace the rear or both?

    I apologize in advance if this has been asked before (it's tough to sift through these forum threads); but I currently have a set of Q2 Sportmax tires on my SV, and the front is still in great condition, whereas the rear is showing cords. If I plan to continue to use the Q2, is it okay for me to...
  12. CFunk

    Labour day warning

    [Rant=On] Apparently, it seems some people have misinterpreted Labour day; instead of being a day off from work to spend with family/friends, some people out there figure it's a "be lazy as s***" day. They proved to me today, that they're too lazy to tie things down to their vehicles properly...
  13. CFunk


    Sent Simon an email asking if he had a set of "bolt through the engine" style sliders for my SV in stock, and received an email back within minutes. Placed my order on Thursday, they showed up at my door Monday; price was quite reasonable (about the same as if I would have bought directly from...
  14. CFunk

    Motorcycles 508

    I ordered online because they had some rediculously well-priced Shark RSI helmets (with purchase, shipping, and getting slapped with taxes and broker fees at the border, still was under $300). Transaction was simple, was shipped the next day (July 26), and arrived here...
  15. CFunk

    Short ride tonight

    Meet at Major Mac & 400 Esso (west side of 400) for 6:00. Route is about 2.5 hours so I expect us to be back in TO before dark. Post up or PM me if you're coming. No highways involved, but you must be comfortable with your riding abilities.
  16. CFunk

    Construction - Ravenscliffe Road

    Road is all torn up in Ravenscliffe itself, but not through the twisties or on Stisted. 518 has a little gravel on a couple of corners, but generally clean. 632 is really clean.
  17. CFunk

    First crash - Need advice

    So, I was heading to the GO station parking lot in Whitby and had just turned down the entrance and started going around a corner when I realized that they had placed wooden beams across the entire thing, that were nailed into the asphault to allow them to run a hose from one side to water the...
  18. CFunk

    Ride Sunday

    CANCELED Beautiful weekend, so I'm planning a route up north Sunday. Will be departing from Whitby at 9:30, lunch in Huntsville. Should be about 600 km give or take. M2 and 250cc minimum requirements. PM or post if you plan on attending. Where: Esso @ Thickson & Taunton in Whitby When: Meet at...
  19. CFunk

    Afternoon Ride - Saturday July 9

    Postponed to tomorrow
  20. CFunk

    No rides tomorrow?

    I'm surprised by the limited number of rides posted on here for tomorrow. I don't have any plans until after dinner time tomorrow so, I was thinking of doing a ride during the late-morning to early-evening (anytime inbetween 10-6, for anywhere between 2-8 hours, depending on the schedule of...

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