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  1. Xhumeka

    The Bad Drivers of Ontario Thread

    As an aside - one of my bikes came from factory with no signal lights (2007 husqvarna te450), and for the first few years I rode around Toronto using hand signals only (since that was perfectly legal). The WORST was when you come to a 4 way stop, and want to turn left. You signal, but...
  2. Xhumeka

    The Bad Drivers of Ontario Thread

    More pixels required for sure - but I'm still pretty sure that was an outstretched arm... I think the reason he's so slow to actually move into that lane, is because it seems the act of signaling makes him waiver to the right towards the center of his current lane... he puts his hand back...
  3. Xhumeka

    The Bad Drivers of Ontario Thread

    At least he signaled... you can see him drop his arm just as the cager pulls out to pass.
  4. Xhumeka

    Craft Beer: What are you drinking now??

    Holy crapoly, Bellwoods "Fizzy Blaster" sure is tart!! FIZZY BLASTER BARREL AGED DOUBLE SOUR ALE w/APRICOT, PLUM & VANILLA In the dead of an extraordinarily ominous winter last year, a vision came to us out of the darkness -- a pure beacon of light, in beer form. An effervescent...
  5. Xhumeka

    Camping on flood plain/public land?

    Some of the best "vehicle" Crown Land Camping I've done (ie sites you can ride to or even drive to with a normal car) are in Temagami. Take a ride down Red Squirrel Rd sometime and your jaw will drop at all the lake-side FREE crown land camping sites to be had.
  6. Xhumeka

    Anyone into gardening here?

    This spring's growing weather hasn't been quite as good as last year's, but as usual Crop King's "White Widow" strain is my strongest performer - CK white widow and sour jack seeds (2 of each) planted April 27th, sprouted a week later. One of my SJ sprouts was a runt so I killed it off and...
  7. Xhumeka

    Anyone into gardening here?

    I agree, but I live right in the city and I've found growing outdoors (in years past thanks to a medicinal license) still works fine even with the massive amount of light pollution we have. You can easily get a pound of bud growing outside from a single plant right in the city!
  8. Xhumeka

    The Bad Drivers of Ontario Thread

    Near Bancroft last weekend... Someone confused an ATV trail for a road, and then thought an ATV bridge could support their car :/
  9. Xhumeka

    Anyone ride the Ontario Highlands?

    No bugs in "Highlands East" yet thankfully (just West of Bancroft), but judging by these posts I expect them to arrive by this weekend! :(
  10. Xhumeka


    An impact wrench or if you have an air hammer, one of these: Thexton THE482 Fastener Removal Tool, Tool Sets - Amazon Canada I find that you have more control over the air hammer removal tool than an impact wrench...
  11. Xhumeka

    Stupid benz driver

    "Stupid benz driver"? Do you get a kick out of making right-hand turners wait for no reason?
  12. Xhumeka

    Royal Distributing Tent Sale

    LOTS of helmets still in stock at Whitby location, pretty much all sizes from what I could tell. Picked up a couple m/x for just over $100 each (hjc & fox v1)
  13. Xhumeka

    Insuring a second bike

    Just noticed this post today - I'm with TD Monnex Meloche and have 3 bikes insured with them (all low cc bikes). You can only insure up to a max of 4 bikes at once (not sure why - you'd think they would take as much $$$ as possible from you) but you do get 2nd/3rd/4th bike discounts. I'm not...
  14. Xhumeka

    Easter Weekend Bethany Ride 2019

    There were 6 of us ready-to-ride last Saturday, but all 5 of my riding buddies are unable to attend this weekend. I'm still 50/50, but if I'm there I'll definitely group up with you as I'll be looking for riding partners as well now. I'm quite used to GPS navigation so we're good there, can't...
  15. Xhumeka

    Cheap GoPro setup. Do you action cam?

    If you're willing to spend a bit more ($300) I highly recommend the Yi 4k Plus. 4k @ 60fps and 4k with EIS @ 30fps. Also has wifi, can live stream, and the video quality is on par with the Hero 7 Black.
  16. Xhumeka

    Easter Weekend Bethany Ride 2019

    Drat - event postponed by one week :( 2019 Bethany 27th April Sat. | Page 3 | Ontario Dual Sport Club Forum
  17. Xhumeka

    Gear: where do you buy?

    Don't forget to compare prices against Amazon... I still find certain things are a bit cheaper on Amazon than F9.
  18. Xhumeka

    Oil, etc questions.

    I buy rotella dino diesel oil by the pail and use it in EVERYTHING... no joke.
  19. Xhumeka

    Easter Weekend Bethany Ride 2019

    Routes aren't usually posted until the night before...
  20. Xhumeka

    Is it just me???

    Yes, that's right - the parts diagram. There are a lot of sites that show diagrams and part numbers, here is the one I use (again, just to get a part number, not to actually order from): Yamaha Motorcycle OEM Parts, CyclePartsNation (just realized that's the same as RobStar's link - just...

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