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  1. TwistedKestrel

    How do you feel about the decline of petrol vehicles?

    I imagine Williams gave them something they already had on hand that was in a package that GM could work with. Possibly an entire APU out of something
  2. TwistedKestrel

    How do you feel about the decline of petrol vehicles?

    Holy crap! I always liked the idea of a series hybrid as a way to resurrect turbine powerplants for cars, but I never knew before that GM actually built one! EV1 series hybrid
  3. TwistedKestrel

    The Most Important Motorcycle of 2021 ?

    I'm not sure if you're being serious so I will answer as if you are - this is unlikely, partly because most motorcycle racing games are bad Will leave the esport thing alone as if this thread gets derailed again the NTSB is going to show up
  4. TwistedKestrel

    Valve Clearance Check

    I dunno what I expected a GL head to look like but it wasn't that. I guess that's to make it as flat as possible?
  5. TwistedKestrel

    Cable Lube

    I have one of those cable lubers and I've given up on it ever working for me. Last time I just put some motor oil in a sandwich bag, taped it to one end of the cable then hung it upside down until I got oil out the other end
  6. TwistedKestrel

    2022 insurance

    I quote them every year and usually they're not even close for me on the car
  7. TwistedKestrel

    The Most Important Motorcycle of 2021 ?

    Sorry, I wasn't being serious with that remark
  8. TwistedKestrel

    The Most Important Motorcycle of 2021 ?

    Hey now. I parked in exactly the right parking lot last year, and when I came back to my bike there was a flock of kids around it. One of them blurted out "I think your bike is cool!" Q.E.D.
  9. TwistedKestrel

    Ever find your old motorcycle for sale again?

    Nope. Or at least, I don't think so - there has been a couple VF500Fs that made me wonder, but mine was 99% stock so it would be hard to tell
  10. TwistedKestrel

    The Most Important Motorcycle of 2021 ?

    It's not a reference, they mean the Honda Monkey
  11. TwistedKestrel

    The Most Important Motorcycle of 2021 ?

    I'm finding it difficult to pin down exactly why I find the Navi slightly repulsive. -Looking at it just makes me think about how much I'd rather have a Grom -Honda's desperation for you to think of it as a motorcycle is offputting -It absolutely SCREAMS cheap despite a weak attempt to disguise...
  12. TwistedKestrel

    Bike riding in movies...

    I'm just happy when the sound of the motorcycle roughly matches the bike on screen
  13. TwistedKestrel

    The truth about tire age

    This article says it was published today but I could swear I've read it before. There's a comment on the article that says the same thing
  14. TwistedKestrel

    Trailering: Google time vs actual time

    Hmmm... I guess I might be able to survive something like this with a Nintendo Switch, some DC power, and carefully chosen snacks. If the vehicle has a thin folding bench seat in the back I would be out. Also you might want to have a lawyer draft rules for using the stereo or all three of you...
  15. TwistedKestrel

    How about that

    Now I have this mental image of MNR running a humane capture and release program
  16. TwistedKestrel

    How about that

    While I do think pretty much everybody should be getting it, having the government trying to force it seems like a really bad idea to me. There's already a faction out there that have demonstrated this is a hill they're literally willing to die on. I see this hyper-politicizing COVID even...
  17. TwistedKestrel

    Damon motorcycles

    I wonder if the Ducati bits were stuck in there as placeholder content, and then somebody got impatient and published it as is. IDK, I don't how this actually works professionally - I guess if that were the case you would probably watermark the whole video with "NOT FOR RELEASE" or "DO NOT PUBLISH"
  18. TwistedKestrel

    Good torque wrench video

    Grey tools themselves will honour that warranty though. Finding a dealer might be inconvenient, but you'll get Grey replacements

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