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  1. The Bachelor

    Anyone heard back from this Shop or dealt with them ?

    Looks to me that they are just closed to the public for covid related reasons but you can still shop online or call him the vintage way.
  2. The Bachelor

    2022 insurance

    CAA is most always equal or better for my vehicles. Insurance is so complicated with everyone getting different rates for the same vehicles. CAA is currently 1500 cheaper for two vehicles and a house. My other car currently is asleep with just fire and theft, so I will have to call and get its...
  3. The Bachelor

    2022 insurance

    Anyone have experience with CAA for home and auto?? Economical has been slowly jacking up my rates for the last few years and are now way overpriced. CAA is cheaper with my three vehicles and house (they do not do bikes). Looking for information before I make the change.
  4. The Bachelor

    2022 insurance

    I Just got my renewal for my black listed bike which is on a stand alone policy and it went down 8 cents per month.
  5. The Bachelor

    Sunday Nov-7th ride Aurora and area

    I may be able to make this ride if i can get to bed before sunrise Saturday night. It would be great seeing some of the old crew again.
  6. The Bachelor

    Here we go. Amendment to Stunt Driving

    (c) any parking lot into which drivers are expressly or impliedly invited or permitted to enter, with or without payment, and no matter whether payment is made or whether the driver entered with or without permission. So no stunt show at bike events and shows? What about solo II in parking lots...
  7. The Bachelor

    Toronto Police Services Unmarked Vehicles

    I passed him today at 5 Drive In. Popular spot for easy ticket writing all day and future court overtime. He had a plain SUV pulled over, bone stock. The Ram had silver plain rims with license plate AX 68451 In the last two years of him "cleaning up the streets" with mobile enforcement, his...
  8. The Bachelor

    Require A Bookkeeper

    Thanks, but my problem is no time, although i like the 45/mth:)
  9. The Bachelor

    Require A Bookkeeper

    Looking for a bookkeeper for my online motorcycle business since I can no longer keep up with the paperwork. Require someone that has longevity and willing to work remote and is familiar with online businesses that sell on eBay and Amazon. Thanks. Shawn, Railside Performance
  10. The Bachelor

    Every Thursday Group ride. Steels and finacial dr Mississauga

    My bike is definitely going to require gas tonight. Been running on fumes too long.
  11. The Bachelor

    Wawanesa Ins

    This is a strange company. I see them at the bike shows and at CBSK and they are friendly and want to quote me, but they will only quote one of my three bikes and they were high. Out of curiosity, I asked to quote my cars and they would not quote one and were high on the other while the third I...
  12. The Bachelor

    Tank Repair and Painting

    Looking for someone in the Mississauga area or a little outside to repair my plastic tank and pilon cover. Only the left side of the tank is damaged towards the front and after the "I" along with some scuffing on the top. The pilon is cracked and scuffed. Thanks in advance.
  13. The Bachelor

    2021 insurance renewals

    I am currently with economical on for the non black listed bikes and the rates have held this year. I also was with TD Meloche about 5 years ago and left for the same reasons as yourself. I will check them out for next year.
  14. The Bachelor

    Damon Motorcycle

    Congrats! Cant wait to see it.
  15. The Bachelor

    Buell is back

    There is a niche for futuristic or cool looking motorcycles that people will purchase based on looks, where they can show them off at the coffee shops where most bikes realistically reside. I know this did not work for them originally with Harley, but marketed correctly and built with style as...
  16. The Bachelor

    So are all the demo rides going to be scrapped this year? (but mostly BMW cluster discussion)

    Sweeeet! Now, get a VPN for your bike so you can watch the better shows on American Netflix:)
  17. The Bachelor

    BPs new ride

    just a regular night and L and L :)

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