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  1. Kibosh3

    Condo Parking - Any Tips?

    Hey guys, I'm going to be moving closer to downtown in the next couple months. The only problem that I have is trying to find a solution to my parking woes. So far I've come up with a few ideas (some more feasible than others): - Look for nearby public storage to park it instead - Buy...
  2. Kibosh3

    Bike Knocked Over In Parking Lot... Driver Runs.

    Hey guys, Thursday 1 PM - Tim Horton's ~ 16th & Woodbine I get called outside by someone telling me my bike had been hit- my heart was pounding! i step outside see a bunch of people standing around my bike saying that they tried to stop the driver, but he fled. The driver (an asian man in...
  3. Kibosh3

    Is There a Market for My Complete Fairing Set? GSXR 1000 K7- Stock

    Hey guys, i've had my black and orange k7 for about a year now and want to go back to what suits- all black. question is- what are the odds that i'd find a buyer for the whole stock set? and how much should it go for? great condition, btw- no scuffs or scratches...
  4. Kibosh3

    Chicken Strips.

    They are pretty tasty... especially with plum sauce. Just sayin... :)
  5. Kibosh3

    How Much HP?

    Just for fun- How much horsepower/ what car would it take to be as fast as a new model SS: - 250 - 600 - 1000

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