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    Clarington Cycle Closed???

    Driving by today I noticed all the doors open...looked empty other than some guys drywalling/painting. No answer on phone. My hope was he was re-modelling but it did nit look promising. Anyone know if Mike has closed shop?
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    2012 Yamaha FZ1-9000km
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    Rumbux Crash bars/skid plate (KTM)

    Anyone know where I can get these for a 2014 KTM 690 enduro? Every where I have look so far says sold out.
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    Help me get started

    I am ready to attend some track days next season but do not want to use my street bike. I am looking to purchase an older bike and convert it for track use over the winter. I have a truck so getting to and from the track is not an issue.
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    500 - Internal Server Error

    Anyone know why I keep getting this error when trying to post a thread in track days/track riding?
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    Factory Race Bikes

    Do factory built race bikes have serial numbers?
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    What Kind of Motorcyclist Are You?

    Motorcycling is a pastime full of variation. There is something for everyone, which is just as well, because life generally gives rise to many interesting types. Different characters can become very easy to spot on two wheels, so here’s a light-hearted look at some of the types of motorcycle...
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    Lost & found

    Found a motorcycle top case on my travels today in Scugog Township. If you can tell me the make of the one you lost send me a PM. It is locked so I cannot open it to see if there is a label for id.
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    2006 Yamaha FZ1

    $4200 obo
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    Motorcycle Movies Thread

    Whether the movie is all about bikes or there is a bounty of bikes in the movie. Post them up but you MUST include at least one motorcycle picture from the movie. Only One Movie/Post. I will get the ball rolling... Torque
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    2006 Yamaha FZ1

    2006 Yamaha FZ1 36,500km Bike is in great shape Tinted screen, screen spike bolts, new battery, air filter and front tire this year Big savings on insurance s this is classed a sport tour but ha 145hp $4500 obo
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    Shell Gas Station Policy

    I stopped at a Shell gas station today...Thickson and Taunton in Whitby. After fueling my bike I went in to pay and was told by middle eastern woman that I MUST remove my helmet before coming in. I asked why and was told it is a security risk. My face needs to be identifiable for security...
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    Been on here for a while (joined in 2009...lmao) but thought it was time to say hello! Hello! Current bikes are KLR and FZ1...always looking for more to add to the stable.
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    How to get started in flat track?

    Not sure if this is the best best to post this question but I am interested in trying some flat track racing. I have a bike I would convert it if necessary and I guess my questions are... Where can a newbie try flat track racing? I am located in Durham Region but will travel a reasonable...
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    2003 Kawasaki KLR650 and goodies!

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