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  1. HarleyHare

    Safety first! Helmets should be compulsory for everyone. Accidents do not happen on the basis of religion.

    My understanding is they make close to or over $100K for the average cop. The figures you quote are for lots of over-time and senior positions. It's a tough job and is one reason why RCMP and OPP officer suicide rates are at an all-time high. What's the use in making money while slowly going...
  2. HarleyHare

    Tory takes aim at noisy motorcycles

    Many south of the border timeshare resorts will not allow for you to ride in on your motorcycle. Why? Because the few X$%$ who insist on being as loud as a jet airplane for attention or being "safe"? have banned all motorcycles. Just like our grade-school teachers told us, the few spoil it for...
  3. HarleyHare

    Pilot Road 4 tires wearing out quickly

    Got 40K on my original Bridgestone Trail Wings, and only 30K on my second set. I accelerate slowly that reduces torque and rubber being scuffed-off, then more aggressive in 3rd. Trail Wings are for a split of offroad and on, but I have another bike for offroad so never go offroad on my regular...
  4. HarleyHare

    Safety first! Helmets should be compulsory for everyone. Accidents do not happen on the basis of religion.

    A Roman Catholic wearing a turban could technically be exempt, but only males because no females wear turbans. Is it getting any clearer? Cops earn every dollar, that is a job that I would never have, even for twice the pay.
  5. HarleyHare

    Freedom Machine Rally

    Nothing under Freedom Machine Rally, but found it under Freedom Machine Show. Thanks.
  6. HarleyHare

    Freedom Machine Rally

    See no info on this "rally" anywhere. Must be very exciting to keep it so hush-hush.
  7. HarleyHare

    paying for gas

    I only take off my helmet at the border, and am not asked every time. At CIBC I asked the teller to break a $50 into 20s and a10 and she told me to take off my helmet, and I told her I wouldn't and am not asking for anything more. In less than 30 seconds I was out of there. In other words the...
  8. HarleyHare

    Safety first! Helmets should be compulsory for everyone. Accidents do not happen on the basis of religion.

    True, motorcycle insurance is likely less than a couple of percent of their total business. But it is a BUSINESS, and as a business they look for ways to increase profits. If they have a hole in the bucket, they will pursue to patch it. A questionnaire whether or not a rider uses a helmet, is...
  9. HarleyHare

    Nearly 900 drivers suspended in wake of deadly motorcycle crash in New Hampshire

    And a little closer to home. Accidents can also be caused because of a lack of peripheral vision. I wonder if an "out of state" driver like this should be suspended? Is tolerance of this in the best interests of society and safety? Who is fooling whom?
  10. HarleyHare

    Safety first! Helmets should be compulsory for everyone. Accidents do not happen on the basis of religion.

    Many criticize the Sikhs for not wearing helmets because in Ontario the public must pay for their injuries or rehabilitation. But this ruling should be rescinded because no one is thinking of those poor Sikh women who do not wear turbans. They must wear helmets! This is sexist and discriminatory...
  11. HarleyHare

    KTM sales surpasses Harley Davidson

    How does an original comment about KTM sales being larger than H-D spin into a possibility of one buying the other? Looks like there are a lot of acquisition and merger specialists hiding in the closet for most of their lives. Ha! Let's bait and switch to more off-topic unfounded speculation...
  12. HarleyHare

    KTM sales surpasses Harley Davidson

    Or crossing the bridge from New Hampshire to Vermont ( a helmetless state) and seeing all the H-D riders with their helmets brazenly jammed into the top of their sissy-bars (in the spirit of "We don't need no stinkin' helmets"). After all, the Vermont state motto is "Live free, or die", and if...
  13. HarleyHare

    KTM sales surpasses Harley Davidson

    I think you just nailed the reason H-D sales are dying. Their clientele define an old macho idealism, that we are hard core men and can live hard, ride hard and die hard. Trouble is they are only human and are dying of smoking, excessive beer and horrible physical condition. So they are dying...
  14. HarleyHare

    KTM sales surpasses Harley Davidson

    H-D riders are the most likely not to wave back at you, unless you have an equivalent bike. And the fact that you think the guy that kicked your Honda over is dead, looks like you know way too much about that than you should. And they say H-D riders are bad-*ss!
  15. HarleyHare

    HOV Lane....fingers crossed everyone

    In the spirit of the SNL Mexican banditos sketches of the 80s - "We don't need no stinkin' signs." Or in the spirit of the 5-Man Electrical Band "Sign, sign Everywhere a sign Blockin' out the scenery Breakin' my mind Do this, don't do that Can't you read the sign?" We ride bikes because we...
  16. HarleyHare

    KTM sales surpasses Harley Davidson

    That was Cycle World and were around for about 50 years. When I was in high school and a friend of mine watched Easy Rider we used to go there after school and looked at the Triumph and BSA 500s and were ready to buy and explore the world. My life would have been different if I did, and today I...
  17. HarleyHare

    KTM sales surpasses Harley Davidson

    And now that a few days have passed, and predictably this post is hopelessly off-topic, I'll add a wild comment for heck of it... Reminds me of when J&R Cycles used to be a new bike dealer selling several brands and we picked up my son's first new bike, a Honda CBR 600. After the paperwork was...
  18. HarleyHare

    Basement Bike Thefts Now Non-Existent?

    Let me understand this picture - 4 young men (not just one or two but four no less) with brand new SuperSports, likely paying sky-high insurance into the thousands, laughing at your suggestion their bikes might be stolen in a high crime rate area. I'd say they scored some big cash for who knows...
  19. HarleyHare

    KTM sales surpasses Harley Davidson

    In the last 12 years, KTM has been expanding rapidly in two of the hottest motorcycle markets in the world, India and China, with an Indian auto manufacturer buying 48% of KTM in 2013. Now India and China have assembly plants locally. Manufacturers who change and position themselves for the...
  20. HarleyHare

    West Jet now ships your bike to Europe

    Agree that unless you stay for at least a month there is no value in the hassle of transporting your bike there. While I rented a Triumph Tiger 800 for two weeks and crashed it in a curve due to a nice big oil slick combined with rain, the cost was still cheaper to rent than to transport. Highly...

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