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    Caught an L with Speeding ticket (49 over)

    So i caught an L and got my first ticket ever. Its a speeding ticket(49km/h over the limit). speed limit was 80 and i was going southbound from hwy 10 to 410 south. i sped up on the ramp from hwy10 to 410 south. speed limit changes from 80 to 100 there. he gave me a ticket for going 129km/h in...
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    cambridge/kitchener/waterloo/guelph meets?

    Is anyone hosting any meets in cambridge/kitchener/waterloo/guelph areas? I recently moved from Mississauga to cambridge and i am looking for a few fellow riders to ride and chat about bikes with. If there are any events that i dont know about, i would love to start attending them. We are going...

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