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  1. GSPLover

    Dealer Mode for 2012 GSXR600

    Anyone know how to put a 2012 GSXR600 into dealer mode? I've found several videos showing how to do it for older bikes but not a newer one. Did an air filter and spark plug change this spring and not only is the bike a bit louder but I've noticed that its using way to much gas. I was getting...
  2. GSPLover

    Loud Bike - I'm stumped

    I know people pay alot of money for a louder bike/pipe but I'm stumped at what might be causing my 2012 gsxr600 to sound like its got an after market exhaust on it when its got the stock can on. Was out this weekend riding around, bike starts, runs, idles and revs fine. Lots of power when I hit...
  3. GSPLover

    Spark Plug Torque wrench

    Looking to pick up a torque wrench small enough to torque my bikes spark plugs. I've got a huge one for torquing my trucks wheel bolts etc but can't find a decent one small enough to fit in around the engine of my bike. Anyone suggest where I could pick one up? My spark plug torque as per the...
  4. GSPLover

    Opinons/advice Bazzaz or not to Bazzaz

    Last year I picked up a slip on for my 2012 gsxr600. With it on I DO notice a loss of power\ummph\get up and go particularly at highway speeds. With the stock can on when I rip the throttle the bike rockets away, with the slip on the throttle response feels less and the power\torque\ get up and...
  5. GSPLover

    Bazzaz fuel controller discontinued?

    I have heard that the Bazzaz fuel controllers and some of their other items are being discontinued. Anyone have any info on this? I was thinking of picking one up.
  6. GSPLover

    Riders Choice suspension tuning day.

    I remember a number of years ago that riders choice did a suspension tuning day where you could ride in and they would tune your suspension for your height/weight for about 20 bux. Do they still hold these days every so often?
  7. GSPLover

    Is Suzuki of Newmarket still bad?

    I knew in the past that SON had a bad reputation...... The posts I have seen regarding them are from around 2011. Have they improved? I have also been to SOB but I find the sales people very pushy. Thoughts?

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