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    2018 Ontario GTA Photo Tag

    Has riding season started?! It seems mighty chilly, but some are eager to get out there so let’s start tagging. Newcomers are encouraged! It’s a great excuse to go for a ride. As always, please ride safe! Rules The rules are pretty simple: Post a picture of any place in the Greater Toronto...
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    2017 Ontario GTA Photo Tag

    At last, it's that time of the year again! After a crummy end of March, the weather is finally warming up and drying out. Last year was another great tagging season so let's have another terrific one. Newcomers are encouraged! It's a great excuse to get out riding. As always, please ride safe...
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    Car/iPod Connection Fail

    Without warning, the iPod connection in my car stopped working. The iPod itself is still working fine on its own and connects in my wife's car through the USB, and her iPhone works in my car using the USB, so I can't figure out where the breakdown is occurring. The car display recognizes that...
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    Ducati 799 Panigale

    Rumoured that Ducati already is working on a 750cc variation of the Panigale to replace the 848. If true, probably not good news for MV's F3.
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    F3 at Toronto Motorcycle Show

    According to the latest MV Canada press release, there will be an F3 at the show. Those who have seen it at other shows seemed to have loved it (but for the price).
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    Managing amateur track day risk

    Though I could not find enough details in either the newspaper reports or the Pro6 website to confirm the cause of the accident, the July 4 tragedy at Calibogie sounds like it could have been caused by someone riding beyond their ability and taking out others in the process. (I stand to be...
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    Buzzing 09 CBR600rr

    Just started happening when on the throttle. Makes the seat and mirrors shake all to hell. Not there when coasting with the clutch in. Any suggestions where to start looking?
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    Turn2 v Fast

    Pros and cons of each? I'm a newer, but "mature", rider mainly looking to improve skills and push some personal boundaries.

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