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    Crazy lady in florida

    Thread should be re-named Peak Florida
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    Daily sports car?

    Looks mint, is it the twin turbo? Have the same steering wheel on my '93 240SX, minus the Z badge.
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    The downfall of the West is upon us.

    I can't deny the various woke cultures and SJWs are going overboard, but comparisons with 20s Germany is also overdramatic, and sounds too much like them tin foil hat white nationalist on fox news and OAN.
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    The downfall of the West is upon us.

    The title is a touch dramatic, no? Teachers are wack anyways, if their membership is ok with conductng their business that way, who are we to say if it's ok?
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    Any Fun Cars Left?

    The Toyobaru definitely ticks all the boxes, so long as you're not too concerned about power. RWD is a big differentiator when it comes to fun.
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    Drone delivery

    An answer to a question no one asked.
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    Speed Camera fines now in effect

    In the beginning, they said it was only going to be in school zones and side streets. Most of these are obviously in major thoroughfares. All this does is slow the flow of traffic to a crawl and trigger road rage., and obviously be a cash cow for the city.
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    Drone delivery

    I can see thiefs and bums jacking these right away. Push it over, jimmy it with a crow bar...and paydirt!
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    Any Fun Cars Left?

    Seems like we've got a former Integra owners club happening here. I just sold my '98 black Integra RS Coupe last summer. Been sitting for a few years, I finally realized I was never going to make it into a track car. But it was the best FWD car I've ever owned or driven.
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    Drone delivery

    I can definitely see that in the US. If the drone flys over someone's house, does that constitute trespassing and thus the right for the homwowner to defend themselves with some 12 gauge flak? :unsure:
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    The Chinese are coming (back) ?

    Thanks but NO thanks.
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    Any Fun Cars Left?

    Based on your original criterias, I think the WRX is the only way to go. She can even have a bit of fun when it gets snowy out.
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    Sat Nov 13 Oakville Trafalgar Leighland

    Glad you're in one piece. You'll still get insurance claim since it sounds like you're not at fault, I only had liability also when I got hit by a left-turner. Got cheques for bike & gear.
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    Weekly BurgeRR & BBQ Meetup - Wednesday’s

    It`s nearby but too damn cold once sun`s down.
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    Hi Everyone!

    Was good to chat with you, too.
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    Hi Everyone!

    Thanks dude, it was a good chat.
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    Weekly BurgeRR & BBQ Meetup - Wednesday’s

    Good to meet and chat with everyone. There was even a practical tutorial on "Roadside Motorcycle Repair" for those that stuck around late ;)
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    What gear do you wear?

    The voyageur is the 3 layer deal, right? The ultralight I got is single layer denim with the aramid woven in. It's one of the few riding jeans I can find that's not skinny or slim fit (makes no sense for riding IMO). I generally quite like these jeans, they feel no different to me than...
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    Craft Beer: What are you drinking now??

    Maybe easier to list what I'm not drinking.

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