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    New Moto Guzzi V100

    people do. but probably to be used as furniture/art instead of as a vehicle.
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    New Moto Guzzi V100

    MV would like a word.
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    The downfall of the West is upon us.

    We've gone 360 now and are being racist the other direction. I don't understand how the average person thinks this is good in any way. White males had an unfair advantage so to make it right, let's give females and minorities and unfair advantage. Special loans for only blacks. Votes that...
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    new MT 10 deets

    its not the best looking but in my opinion, better looking than the old one.
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    Stupidly overpriced motorcycle for sale thread

    whoops my mistake, i don't know why I thought they were bumped up when the tuono was. maybe because they had a jump in performance
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    Any Fun Cars Left?

    these are nice, I was floating between this and a golf R for a daily when I was thinking of getting rid of the truck. used they were in the mid 30s for a good example.
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    Stupidly overpriced motorcycle for sale thread

    posted this 2 pages back but he didn't list it as a 1200cc on it then. this guys on more than crack if he thinks someone will buy that. there are 3 2016s and a 2018 for cheaper and that are actually 1100s. he's saying because only 3,500kms its 'new'. just means it sat for 5-6 years unused...
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    Helmet camera for daily use

    if you are using it just as an action cam, I would again highly recommend you to try or look more into the 360 cams. not having to worry about where it's pointed, reframing in post and all the cool effects or transitions you can do make them a much better buy than the standard action cams that...
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    Helmet camera for daily use

    insta360s I'd only recommend it as an action cam or to catch some neat shots now and then. as a daily recorder and dashcam it has a few downsides. insta360 video in 5.7k requires an extremely high speed microSD and ALOT of storage. If it is going to be mounted to the bike, wouldn't be hard to...
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    Boars in Pickering

    could be a variety of reasons. more challenging, less noisy, easier to practice, cost (no bullets), noise, by-laws in certain areas restrict firearms but say nothing about bows. also, bow hunting season starts earlier so you get less competition.
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    I like the new Audis

    that happens a lot for anticipated cars. first model sold goes to auction and money goes to charity. First Mid-Engine Chevy Corvette Sold for $3 Million at Auction First 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Sold For $1.1 Million
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    Boars in Pickering

    fair enough. this sounds like the start of a movie. ETF team, simple forest practice search and destroy wild pigs. rustling in the bushes? wild pigs picking them off one by one, covered in mud to hide from the thermal. clever girl.
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    Boars in Pickering

    have you seen cops shoot? most of a cop's arsenal also won't kill a wild pig easily. definitely cull is the right response, but with how underfunded some aspects of govt and all the red tape involved I fear they'll be in uncontrollable populations by the time we could've gotten this small group.
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    Boars in Pickering

    they are no native wild pigs or boars in Canada or even the US that I am aware of. These are all invasive species from Europe or escaped pigs that have gone feral. basically have all the hallmarks of a threatening invasive species, no natural predators, thrive and reproduce very well...
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    Sat Nov 13 Oakville Trafalgar Leighland

    Glad to hear you weren't more injured. That could've gone a lot worse. As others have said, you are covered under the drivers' insurance due to not being at fault. From past experience, you just need to let your insurance know the opposing side policy # and collision report #. They would then...
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    Rigged gas pumps

    Most pumps should have a Measurements Canada inspection sticker on them with test date and expiry date. Doesn't guarantee they can't mess with it after but still a bad sign if expired. There's an Esso at Bloomington and 48 that always has cheap gas but has had theirs expired for 3 years last I...
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    Stupidly overpriced motorcycle for sale thread

    someone might want that honda gas tank.
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    Bistella 500

    yea, that was what I didn't understand. Why add superchargers if you are limiting it in power. I can't imagine without superchargers it would do 12hp or make a huge difference. the added weight and power drain without the higher end power benefits. maybe this is just on paper/internet video...
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    Hilarious ADV Pan AM

    i got out of breath watching that. felt like he did everything the hard way. center stand on a hill like that to spin the bike?!
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    ADV fad

    that's a sweet looking super duke but where was the 'off road'? better than I can ride but all I saw was a few u turns and little skids.

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