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  1. DJM

    Harley Davidson Bareknuckle

    Only way you're going to be folded over on a VROD is if you removed the stock riser and went with a straight bar or you're a T-Rex...
  2. DJM

    Residential A/C freon top-up?

    It’s illegal to top up. Leak needs to be found and rectified. You might be able to find a shady tech on kijiji who will do it though.
  3. DJM

    How long should things last?

    Yeah, most likely the cat.
  4. DJM

    What happens when you have a computer, four monitors, and too much time on your hands?

    I was just about to ask if you worked for Questrade...
  5. DJM

    KTM sales surpasses Harley Davidson

    Well on a side note if I ever downsize I'd like a KTM 390 with some side cases and Denali lights.
  6. DJM

    KTM sales surpasses Harley Davidson

    9 out of 10 Dentists recommend Harley...
  7. DJM

    Is it just me of has the quality of tools gone to hell?

    Anyone heard of Williams? I have a 1\2" drive set from the 60's. The socket wrench is called a super ratchet, I've never been able to break it. Still have a brand new replacement ratchet mechanism for it.Got it all from my dad when he retired from INCO decades ago.
  8. DJM

    KTM sales surpasses Harley Davidson

    What was that place that used to be on Dundas near 427 that carried multi-lines? Long gone now as is that selling model. Spent a few Saturdays in there sitting on bikes like RG500’s and Interceptors.
  9. DJM

    KTM sales surpasses Harley Davidson

    My local HD in the city epitomizes arrogance and condescension, I go 70km up the 401 to a really cool, laid-back dealership in the county. Totally different attitude, they let the young techs choose playlists, bought both my Harleys there after trying to deal locally.
  10. DJM

    KTM sales surpasses Harley Davidson

    HD dealerships are their own worst enemy. Last one I went into I shook my head as the salesmen pushed baggers on a group of kids looking at Sportsters, all the while classic rock garbage played in the background. Total anachronism.
  11. DJM

    Horrible experience with Sena 30k

    It took numerous firmware updates to get the 20S to function properly, I suspect the same will be with the 30S.
  12. DJM

    Lithium batteries again....

    Have you measured the draw with a multimeter?
  13. DJM

    Akrapovic Dealer GTA

    Found the insert PN in less than 5 minutes. No one local is going to carry that thing and they’ll be ordering it from overseas anyways plus add their markup. Buy it online, it’s readily available.
  14. DJM

    Akrapovic Dealer GTA

    Find the baffle PN you need and order it from Ebay like I did. It'll be the least costly option.
  15. DJM

    Sat June 22nd

    Glad to hear. Enjoy your ride. Did you get a chance to try out your Denali's?
  16. DJM

    Brake fluid - all the same or should I be more selective?

    1 day with a sealed cap won’t matter. Sounds like your good.
  17. DJM

    Lithium batteries again....

    Well there's also the Antigravity ATX12 option, but they were back-ordered for my bike when I looked them up. They have a BMS as well.
  18. DJM

    Lithium batteries again....

    That’s too bad on the D fitment. Where is it located on the KTM ?
  19. DJM

    Brake fluid - all the same or should I be more selective?

    Gets even more confusing with DOT 5 and 5.1. I distinctly remember someone on HDForums mixing the two up, it was a clusterfluk. I ran Motul 5.1 in my BMW bike, boiling point is over 250 C.
  20. DJM

    Brake fluid - all the same or should I be more selective?

    Best be sitting down mate. They also started using fuel injection in 2001...

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