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  1. voyageur

    Life altering injuries

    That's awesome news, wishing you both happy miles ahead :)
  2. voyageur

    Sam I Am

    I'd say perfect downshifting first, then try to rev-match downshift. Rev-matching needs some amount of coordination. From what you have mentioned I feel you're downshifting when the speed is higher than optimum. Learn where the clutch biting point is, learn to release the clutch smoothly, and...
  3. voyageur

    I GOT my SHOT

    Do you guys have a preference as to what manufacturers vaccine to get administered (pfizer, moderna etc) ? or rather do you even get to choose?
  4. voyageur

    F1 Thread!!!

    The only other driver I have seen who delivers under pressure (apart from Ham) is Daniel Ric. Absolutely love that guy. He fools around when it doesn't matter but when it comes down to business he delivers as he's expected. Max is a great driver as well and he'll be a world champion someday!
  5. voyageur

    Hamilton (Freelton) Hwy 6 and Regional 97 GWS

    Hope the person is alright, GWS!
  6. voyageur

    F1 Thread!!!

    Hiring two rookies wasn't a very smart move but from their pov, they needed the money.
  7. voyageur

    F1 Thread!!!

    Bumping this thread up - anyone here following the 2021 season? The first race of 2021 was fairly decent I think.
  8. voyageur

    old rider, new bike...moved back to Ontario

    Thanks, no plans for now but sure will keep you in mind if something really good comes up! :) I keep seeing some nice e39 M5s that come up there...someday *sigh*
  9. voyageur

    old rider, new bike...moved back to Ontario

    Welcome! Wondering if it's too much hassle to get a motorcycle imported from the US? I keep checking 'Bring a Trailer' website and some nice cars are up for auction from time to time.
  10. voyageur

    Balancing Act

    For RX-8, do you love rotary engines or you just want it because of its looks? Rotary engines can be a PITA to maintain from what I have heard and not many mechanics do rotary engines. Unfortunately, I do not have first-hand experience of owning/using a rotary engine but I have heard they are...
  11. voyageur

    looking for ride buddies

    Congrats on the bike. For sure, we can ride - hoping my bike isn't stolen by then lol.
  12. voyageur

    Foreign driving experience addition to get M license

    Ah okay, it must be the same for M then. I had a driving extract from UAE (Dubai) and have both Indian and UAE car and motorcycle license. I did my G1 and M1 together, the drivetest rep asked me if I wanted to do the M directly or prefer M2. So I believe you can. I chose not to proceed with a...
  13. voyageur

    New female rider. Peel.

    So true, it's like the real estate market - overpriced as hell.
  14. voyageur

    New female rider. Peel.

    Welcome to the forum. Take it easy on the road, keep an eye out for hazards, and always wear gear! Ride safe.
  15. voyageur

    Anyone riding from Markham or Stouffville?

    I live around east york but I'll only start post this long weekend. Probably, after the second week. Will ping ya!
  16. voyageur

    Foreign driving experience addition to get M license

    By foreign experience do you mean while migrating to the country you show a driving extract from a foreign country and they give you a shot at G/M? I see you have done your M2 and afaik, you need to show your driving extract the first time you're at the drive test centre. The extract is valid...
  17. voyageur

    New Rider Here

    Welcome to the forum! You got a great deal on the bike. Take it easy and the rest you'll figure out in time :) All the best!
  18. voyageur

    Stupidly overpriced motorcycle for sale thread

    Looks sick! Yeah, I figured. While looking for some parts, the sv option post-2011 or 2012 doesn't show up on the list for almost all of the websites. I think the fit is not exact throughout 2nd gen for certain parts (lower fairings in this case).
  19. voyageur

    Stupidly overpriced motorcycle for sale thread

    Congrats on the bike! Hope to catch up for some rides in Caledon :) I have a 2013 sv (s model) but I still haven't figured out if they fall under second-gen or third lol
  20. voyageur

    Finally bought a road bike after a lifetime of waiting

    Congrats on your new bike and all the best! The thing with the used market is that you need to patiently wait and time your purchase. Lots of factors involved including luck. As long as you're enjoying the motorcycle, I think that's all that matters :)

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