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    Filtering: It's this simple

    What's really simple is not stopping directly behind anything. Lanes here are wide enough that you can still be in your lane and have the car in front of you off to one side. better escape route.
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    So, ahhh DRZ400 vs DR650?

    DRZ is god.
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    Is the KLR replacement out yet?

    Prolly not for a few years since they just discontinued it.
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    Easter Weekend Bethany Ride 2019

    I'll be out on my DRZ!
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    2013 ninja 300 track bike

    Please see the email in the ad for any questions. :) Please view this ad: 2013 ninja 300 race bike...
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    sidestand safety switch for dr

    My friend in Kitchener needs to borrow or buy a sidestand switch to pass a safety. we have a rally next week and any help is appreciated.
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    Sheep skin seat covers?

    Looking at getting a sheep skin seat cover for my drz. I've tried all sorts of aftermarket seats and they all suck. Seat concepts is on there right now and it presses into my tailbone. I've used the air hawk but its sweaty and not much better. Butt is numb after 30 mins.
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    Anyone with a kawi versys x300?

    Anyone own one of these? Looking for some feedback on comfort, reviews etc
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    Let me just move that bike for you

    Friggin hate it went people move your bike out of a parking spot just so they can fit their car. Street parking in a specific bike parking area. in gear with stem locked. They just dragged it out to the bike lane and wedged it between the other parked bikes and the bike lane. Good thing a...
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    Drz engine builder

    My drz engine needs rebuilding after a mud adventure. Anyone know someone qualified to do the work? The top end is off and will be cleaned beforehand. Bottom end is anyone's guess. Engine will be pulled and brought in separately. Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
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    Cylinder recoating services?

    I need a cylinder works cylinder recoated. Does anyone know a shop that does that? Sent from my Nexus 5X using Tapatalk
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    The rise of new riders and motovlogging

    I noticed there's a giant influx of everyone and their mom doing vlogs now. People that have just passed their course and are more focused on views then actually riding well. What is everyone's thoughts on this? do you watch them? make fun of them? condone them? Discuss
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    Anyone missing a track bike?
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    2004 cbr600rr titled many upgrades $4500

    CBR600rr 2004 track bike - Titled,
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    Will a shift star kit solve my downshift issues on my FZ6R?

    My fz6r when shifting down to lower gears doesn't like to shift down. you have to keep pressing it many times for it to get down. Seems to be an issue with most of them. It shares the same bottom end with the 03-5 r6. It's not a huge issue but gets extremely annoying after awhile and gets worse...
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    So who's building a 300 track bike?

    Not me...yet. But I'm curious how many are actually doing it. I've talked to a couple that are. Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
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    Leeeerooyyyy Jenkinnsssss

    But seriously dafuq? Sent from my Nexus 5 using Tapatalk
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    That explains the price increase at TMP
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    May 2 - Motorcycle-SUV crash in Oakville

    Speed was definitely a factor for the bike. Its a 60 zone and there's nothing left. Hope he makes it.

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